Creator Stone

The Creator Stone

Creator Stone Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
Location of The Creator Stone on The Medicine Wheel

The dynamic Universe depicted by our Medicine Wheel has an order based on fundamental relationships between the basic forms derived from the primary form: the point.

Our Medicine Wheel has, at its center and heart, a single point.

In its singularity, and in its sacred creation, it brings forth everything that exists in the wheel, representing all of creation.

It is dimensionless, yet all encompassing. It is the primary focus. It draws us to the Creator, creating life, as it manifests itself on our Wheel, giving it life.

The Great Potential, God, the Creator, the Unknowable, The Absolute All is the unrealized Unity that encompasses all that can exist, predates all that does exist, and will persist when all is no longer.

It is the Primordial Reality from which, at least, our reality flows. On the Medicine Wheel the Creator is represented by a point: a dimensionless origin, a center, a focus, and the beginning.

The Creator Stone on The Medicine Wheel with a Quartz Crystal
Quartz Crystal used as The Creator Stone

The Creator Stone is the absolute root crystal for the  Wheel’s energies. It will be the omnipresent center and primary energy focus of all travels on the Wheel. It will unify and encompass all.

It  can be called by several names, but it is always the focus, the symbol of the dimensionless point, the Godhead, the Great Spirit, the focus, the beginning, and the source of all. It is the Creator Stone.

There are no animal totems or stone totems for this space on the wheel.  Rather there is a singularity, a point from which all extends.

We find that you will probably know what needs to be placed at the Creator Stone position of your wheel.  Interestingly enough, many people, quite independently choose a clear quartz crystal.  Most of the earth’s crust is quartz.  The clear, transparent quartz crystal contains all colors and none.  It is singular, befitting the Creator.

You need to always start any use of the Medicine Wheel at the Creator Stone.  Visit it daily.  It is your beginning, your life, and your existence.  You will find yourself here often.  Linger.



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