Calendula Meaning, Healing, and Magical Uses

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Welcome to the Masters’ Grimoire of Magical Herbs page for Calendula. Here you will learn everything you've ever wanted to know about this herb including Calendula's magical uses, Calendula's  physical healing, and emotional healing properties, plus its use in meditation, its lore and legends, and much more!

Introduction to Calendula


Calendula, also known as the pot marigold, has been used for centuries for decorative purposes, to adorn vases and flower pots. It has also been used for culinary, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Even if you’re not quite sure what it is, you probably are familiar with Calendula. This plant is in the same species as the traditional orange, fluffy marigold that we see in flower gardens, fields, and even on the roadside. Calendula is one of the top herbs in natural healing medicine and can be taken orally, but is more popularly applied topically. This flower has become popular in many natural health products and skin care lines on the market today, used in many various lotions, shampoos and other products. 

Calendula has many physical health benefits and is admired for its anti-inflammatory properties. The oils within this plant also have excellent antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Spiritually, many practitioners throughout the ages have utilized Calendula for its ability to bring in the energies of love, clairvoyance, and renewal.     

Calendula, scientifically known as calendula officinalis, is a perennial plant that is considered easy to cultivate in temperate climates. The leaves are considered edible and their petals are occasionally used to add color to salads or as a garnish, however, its most popular use is as a tea.  

The ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as cultures in the Middle East and Asia, used calendula as a medicinal herb and also as a dye for fabrics and cosmetics, due to its vibrant orange hue. The Sacred Number of Calendula is 102.


Calendula Magical Uses and Purposes


 Key Uses: Calendula is an herb of progress, compromise, and overcoming resistance. Its energies encourage you to find common ground with those you have conflict with, negotiating solutions that are beneficial to all parties involved. 

Having a strong association with the Sun and the element of Fire, Calendula adds a fiery spark to any recipe. Use in a tea, make a sachet, or eat food crafted from calendula to bring in energies of protection and love. It is also a great addition to spells and rituals concerning legal matters or in warding off the evil eye.

healing with herbs

Healing with Calendula

Calendula Physical Health Benefits


Calendula has strong anti-inflammatory properties via powerful flavonoids. These plant-based antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage and pro-inflammatory compounds like C-reactive protein and cytokines. (1)

Calendula can help prevent and relax muscle spasms. and can also ease symptoms of diarrhea.

In studies done for slow-healing wounds and various exposed ulcers, it was found that using calendula-based gels and topical ointments helped speed up recovery rate and healing. (2)


Calendula is also used to improve skin firmness and hydration. Even more impressive, it helps increase blood flow and oxygen to wounds and infected areas, which helps the body grow new tissue and heal more rapidly. 

Drinking calendula tea may help induce the menstruation cycle, as well as ease the painful side effects of menstruation in women, primarily PMS cramps. (3)

The acids held within the oils of this plant have powerful antimicrobial and antiviral effects, especially when fortified with sunflower oil. (4)

It has become a popular additive in toothpastes and mouthwashes over the past years due to its powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

It helps reduce gum inflammation as well as the fight against gingivitis, cavities, plaque, and more. It’s also an astringent, which helps fight mouth bacteria and promote a healthy oral environment. 

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, calendula can help fight against cancer and irritation due to cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. (5)

Spiritual Healing with Calendula


Calendula is associated with the Sun and is masculine in nature.

Calendula is ruled by the astrological sign of Leo and the element of Fire.

This herb symbolizes love and fidelity. It is great to use in wedding bouquets and decorations. 

Wreaths of Calendula hung over a door are said to keep evil and negativity from entering.

Dried petals can be strewn to consecrate an area or burned in consecration incense. They are also a good addition to dream pillows to induce psychic visions and ward off evil spirits and energies.

Many people use it as a tea to improve the quality of sleep. 

Magical attributes also include prophecy, legal matters, psychic energy, seeing magical creatures, love, clairvoyance, dreams, business or legal affairs, attraction, and renewing personal energy.

A fresh Calendula flower can be worn to court for a favorable outcome of a trial.

If you place Calendula in your mattress, you will have prophetic dreams... and if you place it under your mattress it will make whatever you dream come true.

These flowers are offered during the Day of the Dead, remembrance ceremonies, Samhain, ancestors altar for deceased loved ones and to honor Santa Muerte.

Cempasúchil is the traditional Aztec name of the Calendula flower native to Mexico and it is the most popular flower in the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos. The musky fragrance of these flowers are believed to help lead the souls of the dead from their burial place to their family home. 

In Hoodoo, they are known for luck in gambling or games of chance.

Notes from the Masters

I find that Calendula are one of the best herbs for self love. You need to love yourself first. Try occasional baths with dried Calendula for feeling better about yourself. .
~ Master Kat

Emotional Healing with Calendula


Calendula can help us to recognize and understand our fears, especially surrounding relationships. It can help us to understand ourselves better, accepting what we cannot change about ourselves and lending the courage and determination needed to change what we can. 

This is an herb of love, including self-love. It reminds you that, in order to love another fully and completely, you must love and appreciate yourself first. 

Calendula is also an herb/flower of healing, courage, and forgiveness. It brings one the energies of patience, acceptance, and understanding needed to resolve conflicts, overcome obstacles, and release negativity from within our hearts. It is also an excellent herb for encouraging thoughtful, productive communication. 

It helps us to cultivate empathy and a receptive, openminded attitude.

Just like how it can physically heal wounds with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it can also heal emotional wounds. Its energies encourage you to let go of what is no longer serving and open yourself up to new and magical possibilities. 

Calendula can also protect one from the negative intentions of others. Carry calendula flowers on your person to shield you from negative forces and spirits or intentions that may intend to bring you harm. 

Calendula for Chakra Healing

chakra healing

Calendula is used to balance the Solar Plexus chakra. The Solar Plexus is the energy distribution center, the first of the chakras of relationships. This chakra is located between the ribcage and navel. It controls the immune system and digestive systems. When in balance physically you have strength to fight infections, are free of allergic reactions, and are able to use the nutrients you ingest.

When it is out of balance physically you will have low tolerance to infection, suffer from hormone disorders, or have low tolerance for many foods.


 Spiritually, when the solar plexus is in balance you are free to interpret the world through your own thoughts and emotions and not live in fear of violating the dictums of others.

When the solar plexus is out of balance spiritually you will feel fear: fear of the displeasure of others, and disappointing others, or fear of subordinating your life and pleasures to the will of others.


Color Energy of Calendula

Marigolds protecting and enhancing tomatoes ~Master Hank Jun 2022

 The color ray for Calendula is Orange. The orange color ray brings in vibrations of happiness, confidence, optimism, and togetherness. It is also a happy color that brings us joy and can help us overcome grief. Orange is also the color of sex and physical pleasure. Orange crystals can bring things and people together. They integrate the parts of our communal lives.

In lighter shades, orange is the color ray of friendship. It is color of finding new friends, keeping in touch with lifetime friends, and finding ways to keep friendships alive. Light orange is the color ray of companionship, loyalty, charm, encouragement, praise, sharing, and affection. It is a very powerful ray, and herbs that possess it are particularly valuable.

Notes from the Masters

In our yard, the tomato plants are protected and enhanced by Calendula. These both protect from harmful insects, but bring a nice energy of exuberance that we feel enhances the zest of the tomatos.
~ Master Hank


Angels Associated with Calendula

grimoire angel

Calendula is associated with the angel, Chazaqiel, Master of the 11th tarot card, "Justice." His name means "cloud of God", which is fitting considering he was the angel who taught man about the clouds (meteorology).  Calendula is also associated with Phorlach, Master of the 21st tarot card, "The World" and "angel of the earth." He helps the archangel Uriel complete his work as the angel of repentance. 

Use the Justice tarot card and World tarot card in your rituals to bring in the energies of Calendula and its governing angels.


Calendula and the Goddess

goddess and herbs

Calendula is associated with the deities Oshun, Mary, Xochiquetzal (Aztec Goddess), and Santa Muerte.

Oshun is the daughter of Yemaya the Sea Goddess and the God Obatala. She lives in the Ogun River in Nigeria. However, legends say you can find her in all streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds of the earth. She represents fertility, prosperity, nourishment, purity, love, and healing. Oshun is believed to be the protector and provider of the Yoruba people. She cares for the poor, the sick, and orphans. She also cares for the birds of the air and the fish of the sea.

Many images portray Oshun as a beautiful mermaid. She is traditionally attractive and desirable, but also tends to be vain, indulgent, and somewhat superficial. It is said, she cannot help but admire herself when passing a surface of a freshwater pool. She is fascinated with pretty, shiny things and loves anything that is luxurious. Legends say she is a major fan of sensual fragrances, such as amber, patchouli, and frankincense. She also enjoys sweet foods of all kinds, especially honey.

The Virgin Mary, venerated in Christian theology, is the mother of Jesus and is extolled as “the first believer”. As the "first Christian", she is the one in whom the humanity of the church was representatively embodied. Mary represents social justice, where the poor are exalted and the powerful overthrown. She is a patron saint of all human beings, especially mothers and young children. Mary symbolizes purity, faithfulness, devotion, and humility.

Xochiquetzal is the Aztec Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sexuality, Art, and Crafts. She was the wife of the rain god, Tlaloc. Her name translates as xochi meaning "flower" and quetzal meaning "feather." In specific, the bluish-green feathers of the quetzal bird.

She is often depicted as a young woman with the quetzal bird and an abundance of flowers. She is portrayed in folklore as a woman who enjoyed luxury, sensual and sexual pleasure, music, and dancing. In her role as the Goddess of Love and Fertility, she had the power to cast love spells. She could absolve people of misdeeds, particularly those of a sexual nature.

As the Goddess of arts of crafts, she inspired artisans to create objects of beauty and originality that also served a practical purpose in their culture. These products could be used for textiles, metalwork, and pottery.

Santa Muerte is the goddess of death in folk Catholicism and Mexican Neopaganism. Also known as "Our Lady of the Holy Death," she is depicted in traditional Mexican female attire along with a skull mask and the flags of the dead draped across her shoulders.(Flags are often placed over the corpses prepared for cremation.) She is the goddess of the dead and children, and is also the patron goddess of the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos.

Santa Muerte is not only the goddess of Death, but the personification of Death itself.  She is associated with healing, protection, financial wellbeing, and assurance of a path to the afterlife. Devotees pray to Santa Muerte for healing, success, and love, as well as for revenge against one's enemies.

A traditional Santa Muerte altar consists of offerings of food, cigars, candles, and other small items. Owl figurines are often placed at Santa Muerte's feet to symbolize wisdom and feminine power. Candles are often left on her altar in the symbolic color of what the devotee wishes to pray for (such as a green candle for success or a red candle for love). 


Notes from the Masters

I never new that calendula was a flower related to marigolds! I’d heard of it in random bath products but never took the time to really understand what this ingredient was. Super interesting to find out that it’s so beautiful as well has helpful in healing and magic.
~ Master Tess

Calendula Birth Herb


Calendula is one of the birth herbs for those born on January 27, April 4, April 17, April 22, July 31, August 25, October 27, and December 14. Those with birthdays on these dates will find they have special attraction to Calendula and the magickal energies of Calendula may be dominate in their personality traits.


Calendula I Ching Hexagram


Calendula is governed by Hexagram 38, Resolving Tensions.  Key energies are: “Conflict, opposition, opponents, obstacles, blockage, reversals, negativity, antagonism, contradictions, rebellion, and competition.  ” (6). 

If you are doing magic or making magical items and you are working to solve difficulty problems or overcome obstacles to your goals you should consider using Calendula in your spells or rituals.

The affinity of calendula for the energy of the Hexagram 38 of the I Ching is a "secret weapon" in the arsenal of experienced and well trained crystal herbalist.


Calendula Astrological Sign

Leo Grid Painting-0

Calendula is associated with the sign of Leo (7)


Calendula is associated with two Mansions of the Moon:   the Mansion of the Clouds and the Mansion of the Flames of Passion.   


Uses of Calendula in Feng Shui

crystal feng shui yin yang - free crystal guides

Calendula brings in the energy of the Fire element. The flowers of this fiery, orange plant bring us fire energy. This is the energy of inspiration, art, self-expression, free will, passion, love, and beauty. Use the flower energy of the (herb) in your practices to celebrate the joys of life and life. It is the happiness element and should be a part of most ceremonies.

Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination and activity. It is Yang in nature. It is the energy of heat, action, emotion and passion – of ideas, of concepts, and sex. It is traditionally associated with the south area of a home or room, and with the fame and reputation area of your dwelling. Use its energy to give your life the boost it needs to enhance your standing in the community and within your family.


Uses of Calendula in Talismans and Amulets


Calendula is used to make talismans and amulet for needs including: Amazement, Play, Magic, Culture, Alertness, Ability, Psychic, Dealing with Boredom, Boundaries, Dealing with Contradictions, Dreams, Cures Bad Dreams, Eccentricity, Epiphany, Fantasy, Joy, Leisure, Fun, Delight, Sacral Chakra, Dealing with Doubt, Charisma, Fighting, Dependency, Dealing with Faithfulness, Future (good), Gentleness, Glory, Integrity, Love, Lover, Loyalty, Dealing with Meekness, Morale, Passion, Patriotism, Persuasiveness, Popularity, Productivity, Quality, Sexual Energy, Shamanic Journeys, Solidarity, Soulmates, Tenderness, Thoughtfulness, Tolerance, Kindness, Pride, Determination, Conviction, Exploring the Unknown.


Using Calendula in Divination

Use Calendula in Divinations for resolving conflicts and finding common ground (a compromise) through thoughtful deliberation. 


Meditation with Calendula

meditation pixabayn grimoire

"While we clash, we identify our differences that give form to our unique qualities. As we bridge our differences, we honor our separate wills and move toward a common purpose. Through this blending of wills, a higher unity takes form. Yet, this transformation could not take form without the diverging energy that is released through friction. Any type of union requires that we not sacrifice our individuality." (8)


Lore and Legends of Calendula

lore grimoire

Europeans and early American colonists relied on calendula’s sunny disposition and gentle immune boosting properties for protection against the damp, cold of winter. It was a common pot herb, meaning it was often used in soups and stews, as well as a regular ingredient in daily herbal infusions and beauty treatments.

Ancient Egyptians used calendula to rejuvenate their skin.

The Greeks and Romans used it as a culinary garnish.

In ancient, as well as modern India, Calendula is often strung into garlands for weddings and religious rituals.

Strewing calendula under your bed was said to offer you protection from robbers and thieves. It also was thought to induce prophetic dreams if you had been robbed, helping you to identify the culprit.

When dealing with legal matters, it was considered wise to carry a bit of calendula in your pocket to ensure a positive outcome.

Bathing in a calendula infusion was thought to give one a healthy, sunny glow that would draw admiration and respect from one’s community.

In ancient times it also served to discover the adulteries of wives.

Women in the church were told that, if they were faithful, they agreed to remove calendula  from a bouquet before leaving. If they did, they would be free. If they didn’t do it, it was a sign of his infidelity.


by Nicole Farmer

Nicole is a Certified Crystal Master, Crystal Herb Master, and Master of the Tarot. She has been working with crystals, herbs, and the tarot for over 10 years.  She is the co-author and teacher of the Crystal Master Herbalist Course offered by the Crystal Guild. Nicole is a Florida native and has been with Crystal Vaults for over 7 years.

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6. Mark McElroy. I Ching for Beginners: A Modern Interpretation of the Ancient Oracle (For Beginners (Llewellyn's)) (Kindle Locations 914-916). Kindle Edition. 

7. Traditional Medicinals


Sacred numbers of herbs are revealed in the “Ritual of the Sacred Number”  ceremony performed monthly by Crystal Master Herbalist when the Moon is transiting the Mansion of the Herbalist.  

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