In the world of Crystal Magic, you need a place to work, whether it be natural crystal magic, ceremonial crystal magic, high crystal magic, crystal alchemy, crystal moon magic, or working with the spirit world.

The space needs to be cleansed of negativity and negative energy and freed of evil and evil spirits. It needs to be then guarded once cleansed. The space needs to allow the practitioner of crystal magic to harness and apply the elemental energies of fire, water, air, and earth.

The space needs to draw on the signs and sigils of magic and bring the energy of Gaia and the Astrological energies of the Moon and other planets.

For, as Agrippa tells us in the first of his Three Books of Occult Philosophy:

"Magic is a faculty of wonderful virtue full of most high mysteries, containing the most profound contemplation of most secret things."

And Ebenezer Silby in book four of A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences, informs us that:

"Under the veil of natural magic, it hath pleased the Almighty to conceal many valuable and excellent gifts, which common people either think miraculous or next to impossible. And yet in truth, natural magic is nothing more than the workmanship of nature, made manifest by art."

So as we contemplate using the magic of crystals and receive their gifts, the workmanship of our art is essential. That workmanship starts with a sacred space to assure our art is effective and worthy.


Setting Up Your Sacred Space



A sacred space can go by other names. An altar, magic circle, temple, special place, or whatever you wish to call it. We will use the common Sacred Space term.

To begin you will need a place. It does not have to be the same place every time. Your sacred space can be small or large. It can be indoors or outside. It can be portable. In fact, that is what we recommend. You may well want to perform certain rituals in the woods, others in a park, some in the rain, some only on dark nights, and some elaborate ones in a secure indoor place.

Next, you will need a circle.

The circle is recognized as the symbol of Unity in all religions. It is Unity in form. Certainly, the point is Oneness, but when it creates space by division and movement, it becomes Unity.

Unity is Oneness manifested in time and space. The circle is the basic shape from which all that exists derives. It is the foundation of existence. As a symbol of the boundless Unity that encompasses all that exists, the circle is inclusive and unknowable.

Neither Unity nor the circle is comprehensible to man. Unity is completeness, but can only be defined by duality. The circle, too, is incomprehensible yet complete, has dimension, yet is immeasurable. It is simple in appearance, yet sublime in complexity. A circle is completeness, and like Unity, does not yield to comprehension.


Crystals Needed



Our circles are made of crystals and stones with the appropriate crystal lattices and energy. We often use several different stones. However, primarily we use Black Tourmalines. They are Seeker Energizer crystals of the hexagonal crystal system and the Cyclosilicates family of minerals. We seek to energize a special place. The black rays are protective. We use small natural or tumbled Black Tourmalines. But you can use other stones in addition or in place of Black Tourmalines.

Three highly recommended crystals are Labradorite, Moonstone, and Amazonite. All three are Barrier Crystals of the Triclinic crystal system and are Filter crystals of the Tectosilicates group. These are generally more expensive but actually more powerful protection. For purposes of economics adding a few Labradorite, Moonstone, and Amazonite stones to the Black Tourmalines will greatly enhance your protective circle.


Using an Altar Cloth



Green Man Nature Elemental Altar Cloth-0Usually, whereas other magicians will build a 9-foot circle and work within it, for crystal magic we build a 1 to 2-foot circle on a tabletop, usually covered with a cloth. We call them altar cloths but you can use anything. Usually, they are white. However, sometimes you may be performing rituals, spells, or have certain ceremonies and use different colors or designs. Feel free to follow your spirit here.

Our altar cloths have various designs. We use one with the Green Man when we are performing rituals for growth and understanding. We use one with the Moon sigils when we perform Crystal Moon Magic, and we have a special one for our Crystal Spirit work. You can design your own and tailor the design to your interests and work. The cloth is usually about a 2 or 3-foot square. But the size is totally a personal decision.


Cleansing + Protecting the Space



To clear the space of negative influences we use special crystals and/or our Sacred Space Premium Crystal Room Spray. We use Dispeller crystals of the Orthorhombic crystal system. Topaz, Peridot, Isua stone, Sulfur, Nuummite, or Aragonite. We hold one of these crystals in hand and first move it from the top of the circle to the bottom and then from the left side to the right forming a cross. Then we use a sweeping motion from left to right from the top of the circle moving down a bit with each sweeping motion essential sweeping the circle clean using the Dispeller crystal energy of the crystal. We use a simple affirmation of, "I sweep away all negativity and negative influences from this place".

Next, we set our Guard to protect the now cleansed circle. We use either two or four Guardian crystals of the Monoclinic crystal system. Azurite and Malachite are often used, but Jade, either Nephrite or Jadeite is also excellent. We have a set of tumbled Jade crystals we usually use. One is placed at each cardinal position just outside the circle. As we place them we call on the Universe to protect our space for good magic.

After this, we prefer to also use a special room spray that is formulated with several crystal essences, Jasmine, and Sage to finish off the cleansing and offer an added blessing. The Sacred Space Premium Crystal Room Spray comes with the energy of Larimar, Topaz, and Turquoise infused in it. You can use this spray instead of the ritual above to cleanse your sacred space but we prefer to use both.


Bringing in Elemental Energy



Now we need to bring the energy of all the elements - Fire, Water, Air, and Earth to the Sacred Space. This is done in several ways. One way is to add the symbols of the four elements to the altar cloth design then place a small appropriate crystal on each. We use a yellow crystal or stone over the Air symbol, a blue one over the Water symbol, a green one over the Earth symbol, and a red or orange one over the Fire symbol. The symbols are usually near the cardinal positions but inside the circle of stones.

If you do not use the symbols you need a portion of each element. This is actually our preferred method but it all depends on what works best for you. With this method, we recommend you use a small glass of water with 7 drops of the Premium Sacred Temple Water Elixir to represent the Water element while also bringing in sacred Goddess energy. Next, to bring in the Fire energy, you can use any candle but we prefer the Sacred Space Candle. This candle is specifically formulated for use within sacred spaces. For the Earth energy, a garden rock or stone would work well. Finally, you can use an empty glass for the Air element. As each is placed a simple chant of, "I bring the energy of (air/water/earth/fire) to my sacred space," is used. Some practitioners do not use an empty glass to represent air. Rather they carefully breathe onto their altar cloth in the location selected or will capture their breath in a jar.


Personalizing Your Sacred Space


At this point, the sacred space is complete and ready to be used. You have a circle of stones that has been cleansed and are protected and you have the four elemental energies in place.

You may now add other items that personalize it. You can add designs and symbols to your cloth. You may add more candles or use Sage or other herbs to purify the space. The important part is your intention and attention. What you intend and focus on will determine the effect.

Use this guide to start out. We highly recommend you personalize your sacred space. If you have special crystals that have power for you, use them. If you are a herbalist, bring the energy of herbs to your space. If you use essential oils, bring their energy, too. As you do, however, maintain a sense of ritual. Artfully arrange both the items and the process. Write down your ritual and keep your items in a special place ready for use.