Harmonizer Crystals The Class VIII-4 Chain and Band Silicates



Crystals that promote harmony and understanding in groups

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harmonizer symbolThe Harmonizers, called the chain and band silicates in scientific journals, contain silicate tetrahedrons bound together in a long chain. They distribute power in a balanced, long-term way, promoting harmony.

For efforts aimed at smoothing a path through difficulties, or aiding in promoting a harmonious relationship within a larger group, like an extended family, then a Harmonizer is an excellent choice.

Jade has a long tradition of promoting harmony. Certainly some of it power comes from its Guardian crystal energy structure, but much also comes from its earth power as a Harmonizer.

The Chinese in particular have recognized this inherent power in jade. They have used it for centuries for many efforts that involve promoting peaceful acceptance of situations and ending friction between warring parties. Jade is often the talisman of peace. Its Guardian crystal structure, its Harmonizer earth power, and its green color ray provide a powerful combination for ensuring long-term mutual understanding and cooperation.

Kunzite and Rhodonite are also valuable talismans from this class. They are both powerful Harmonizers. Kunzite is often a light red color and its uses mostly focus on enhancing personal relationships between the sexes. Rhodonite is usually a dark red or scarlet color. As a Harmonizer, it is used to correct misconceptions or to protect people from tricks or deception. Use rhodonite Harmonizers to see behind the masks that other people wear.

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For more information on the power of Harmonizer crystals, read The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans.

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