Vesta Roman Goddess of Home and Fire

Shop Chrysoprase to honor Vesta

vestaVesta is the Roman goddess of hearth and home. She is one of the best known and most beloved of all goddesses. She is fire and she is earth. She is the home fire; she is binding agent of family and community. She is a virgin goddess who’s female priests, the Vestales (known as the Vestal Virgins because of their 30 year vow of chastity.) celebrated her and keep her fire always burning.

Vesta is the real essence of the home goddess of antiquity. She is the guardian of family and home. Her warmth brings us family, community and even civilization She is our security and our comfort. She is the true goddess of home in all its meanings.

Our custom of Spring Cleaning comes from her temple in Rome in which each year the inner sanctum was opened to women for a few days then rigorously cleaned and closed again. As you go through your rites of Spring Cleaning, you will know you are honoring her and her traditions.

The best gemstone to honor Vesta is the Chrysoprase. The Chrysoprase is a beautiful green color representing the new warmth of Spring and the encompassing security of the new earth.

Vesta can help bind your family together. A Chrysoprase kept in the family room in dedication to her will prove very beneficial.


Shop Chrysoprase to honor Vesta


–  Jessica 


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