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sophiaSophia is a Goddess but she is not.  She is contradiction personified. She is the feminine element of Creation denied in western culture for 2000 years, yet honored in antiquity.    She is myth, she is an outcast, she is denied, she is heresy, and yet, she is wisdom – not the piety of old men, but the wisdom of understanding, doubting, and spiritual exploration without dogma.

 She is the left side of the traditional right side; she is individual integrity in society; she is the fear of isolation and loss inside you even when you are happy in a group.  But she is the happiness of being human even in loss and isolation. 

Sophia is a personal journey, the essence of Shamanism, and the understanding that the feminine is essential in creation.

She is the feminine of the divine, the nurturing element of the life force.  Seek her within yourself and find what you only glimpse in normal thought.  She is the spiritual in the material world, the missing part of your understanding, the compassion in the commonplace, and the reverence for the natural world not found in fundamental religion. 

Sophia’s story is that of being separated and then reunited.  She is the basis of many of our stories and myths.  She is found, lost, then found again.  From Snow White to  Persephone, she is our stories of being lost then regained.  She lives in our unconscious as the embodiment of winter and spring, sickness and health, and life after death.  Sophia is your understanding of your spirituality.  She is the path you take, not the one you are issued by authority.  She is your doubt, your wonder, your journey.  She is the elusive wisdom of your spirit.  Read the most thoughtful exploration of Sophia here. 

Sophia is nature, the life force that permeates all things.  She is Mother Earth, Gaia, and home.

 In honoring Sophia, you must honor yourself and your personal spirit.  We cannot offer a crystal or group of crystals as the right ones to honor her.  Rather we can only suggest that you seek within yourself for her.  When the crystals that are right for you appear, you will know.  For many, we find that violet, turquoise, and indigo colored crystals seem to be best. 

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– Jessica 


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