Gaia — Our Earth Mother

Shop agates to honor Gaia


GaiaGaia is the Earth, our Mother. The Ancient Greeks in their mythology believed she was born directly out of the Chaos the primal emptiness and was thus the first (or one of the first) beings to appear during the process of creation. In our times, Gaia is still our earth mother. The renewed focus on the health of the earth and our ecosystem means that Gaia is as important to us today as she was to the ancient Greeks.

The Greek mythology is quite a story. Gaia gave birth to Ouranos (Roman God, Uranus), the sky god, by herself and took him as her husband. Together they had the titans, the Cyclopes, six sons and daughters, three monsters known as the Hecatonchires, and the Erinyes. Her husband Ouranos was ferarful of being killed by his children so he locked them up away deep within the Earth.

Gaia was very angry so she went to her youngest titan, Cronus, to attack Ouranos. Tree nymphs and giants grew where Uranus’s blood fell to the Earth’s soil as he fought and was defeated by Cronus. Soon the blood spread to the ocean and Aphrodite was born. Cronus took his father’s place and took Rhea as his wife. Now Cronus started to act like his father hiding his offspring in the earth to keep them from overthrowing him. His wife got tired of this and trick him with a rock wrapped in a blanket to protect her son Zeus the father of the Olympians. The story of the Olympians is the major part of Greek Mythology.

In today’s world Gaia is still our mother and demands our respect. Keeping her healthy means we will stay healthy. To honor our Earth Mother means to understand how we are affecting her health and it means being good children of the earth. We must protect her if we are to survive. Honor Gaia, your mother.

Being the Earth herself, means that virtually any crystal would be good to use in paying your respects to Gaia. We have found that agates are some of the best crystals to use. Agates are found around the world, and contain virtually all the colors of the world. A circle of colorful agates that rings a small altar would be a powerful way to honor your Earth Mother.

Shop agates to honor Gaia

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