Bona Dea – Greek Goddess of Women

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bona deaBona Dea’s true name is Fauna. It means “She who wishes well”. Fauna is her secret name that men weren’t supposed to know about or speak about. Bona Dea means “the good goddess”.

As the Roman Goddess of Women, she is often depicted as sitting on a throne holding a cornucopia with a snake next to her. The cornucopia represents plenty and abundance. The snake represents renewal, healing, and fertility. Even though the Romans considered Bona Dea to be a virgin, she is the Goddess of Women and brings them children. She is also believed to be a skilled healer, particularly with herbs.

Faunus is Bona Deals father, brother, and/or husband, the legends are unclear. He is the god of the wilderness and nature. The story goes that one day he came home to find Bona Dea drinking an entire jar of wine. For being drunk he beat her to death with a myrtle tree branch. Her priestesses at her secret worships did not permit men, wine, or myrtle branches to be present.

Bona Dia is the Goddess that watches over virgins and matrons. She also
protects all women through all of their changes. Her annual festival is on May first. December fourth is another festival for Bona Dea but is more private. Both are open only to women.

Woman should call upon Bona Dea for her guidance and protection. She can guide a woman through her life changes. Bona Dea being the fertility goddess, will l help a woman with childbirth, too.

Call upon Bona Dea using green fluorite. It honors her healing skills. With her help, and with the right herbs she will apply her skills to healing your illnesses.

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