Bast – Egyptian Goddess o the Moon, Sunrise, and Cats

Shop Tiger’s Eye to honor Bast


bastThe Egyptian goddess of the moon, sunrise, and cats is known as Bast or Bastet. Her name means ” Female of the Ointment Jar”. She is the creator of perfumes and oils. Nefertem, her son, is the god of perfume and alchemy. Bast is the ruler of love, fertility, sensuality, and music. She is also the mother of cats and the magical power they contain.

Legend says that by day, Bast would ride through the sky with her father Ra. His boat pulls the sun through the sky as they ride. By night she would turn into a cat to protect Ra from Apep, a serpent that was his worst enemy.

Bast is usually depicted as a human with a cat-like head to show her war-like side. In early Egyptian lore she was more like a lion.  In later times, she was depicted as a domestic cat.  The cat was greatly honored in Egypt.  It protected the food supply from vermin and snakes. Bast was an honored goddess.

Bast is an almighty protector of women and children. She is the guardian of any household. She can bring health and prosperity into everyone’s life that desperately needs them. She’s very wise and very protective.

I think the best stone to use to ask for her help is the Tiger’s Eye.   Carry one to honor her and to seek her protection.

Shop Tiger’s Eye to honor Bast



– article and art by Jessica 


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