Arianrhod, Welsh Goddess of Moon and Stars

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Arianrhod  Arianrhod is the Goddess of the Moon and the Stars. She lives in Caer Sidi, a revolving castle in the northern sky. You may have seen it, We also know it today as the Aurora Borealis. Yes, the Northern Lights are the lights from her revolving castle!

Arianhod is one of the children of Dan, the Welsh mother goddess and counterpart to Danu. She is one of the five goddesses of Avalon along with Blodeuwedd, Branwen, Cerridwen, and Rhiannon. This ancient sisterhood is honored today by many believers in the Welch traditions.

Arianrhod’s name means “Silver Disc”, This is the revolving disk of stars that we see in the night sky. She is particularly connected with the circumpolar stars, the ones near the north star where she lives.

This is area where souls go when their body dies and waits to be born once again. Arianrhod is the Goddess of Resurrection too. She receives the souls of the dead and guies them to the next stage of existence. She takes them to her castle in the north, and prepares them for rebirth.

If you are looking for a new beginning, or to be reborn in some way, get to know Arianrhod and ask for her help.

Interestingly, it is reported that Arianrhod can shapeshift into an owl. Through her owl eyes she is able to see into the darkness of the human subconscious and soul. Well, the owl represents death, renewal, wisdom, and moon magic, so Arianrhod and the owl are well matched.

In addition, Arianrhod is also known as a goddess of prophecy and dream. As this goddess she can offer glimpses of both the future and the
past to those who come to her with an open heart and mind.

The crystals used to honor Arianrhod are those that are connected to the far northern star and her home there. She is partial to the white calcite when it is frosty looking. She also is honored with Labradorite, in that it seems to contain the Northern Lights in its shimmering Labradorescence.

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