Aphrodite – Goddess of Love and Beauty

Shop Rose Quartz to honor Aphrodite
AphroditeBorn out of the sea foam, daughter of Dione and Zeus, Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans) was so beautiful that she enchanted everyone who saw her. She was one of the major goddesses of the ancient Greeks. She was one of the council of twelve great gods and goddesses, known as the Olympians, that governed all aspects of human life. In ancient Rome she was called Venus.

Aphrodite had numerous lovers. Her favorites were Ares, Dionysius, Hermes, Poseidon, and the mortal, Adonis. Because of her beauty and passion, people today honor her and ask for her intercession in their lives. She helps young people stay in love by bring their relationship a sense of adventure and passion.

It was not just her beauty that brought her success. Once she won the “Golden Apple” meant for the most beautiful Goddess when Paris ( a mortal Zeus chose to decide the winner) chose her as the fairest of three Goddesses over Hera and Athena. The other Goddesses offered him ownership of Europe and great skill in battle. She won by promising the young man the love of the beautiful Helen of Troy. Seems beauty sometimes needs help!

Rose Quartz is associated with Aphrodite. It has the effect of drawing love into one’s life as Aphrodite can draw love into life. It opens your heart and helps you fall in love and increases your ability to give love to others. Use rose quartz on your alter to Aphrodite. With it, use candles of red and pink.

The Greek Goddess, Aphrodite can bring you love, passion, and beauty. Those who honor her today understand the joy she can help you find in life and love.


Shop Rose Quartz to honor Aphrodite


~ Jessica


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