Al-Uzza – The Most Mighty



Shop Jade to honor Al-Uzza

Al-UzzaAl-Uzza is the maiden of the pre-Islamic Arabian triple goddess. She forms a triad with Allat and Manat. She is the youngest of the triad. Al-Uzza and Allat were sometimes mistaken for each other. Al-Uzza was one of the three chief goddesses of Mecca to the Nabataean. She was considered a fertility goddess, but was also a warrior and protector.

Al-Uzza is sometimes referred to as “The Most Mighty”, because she was the virgin warrior of Arabia being a fierce warrior in any battle.  From time to time in the ancient days she would receive blood offerings at sacrifices. Since she is a warrior, she will protect anything or anyone that is hers.

She is the ruler of fertility and wild beasts. Al-Uzza also has power over astrology and the changing of the seasons because she was believed to be the morning and evening star, Venus. As Goddess of the Sea she is the guardian of fish and dolphins. She also was the protector of fishermen and sea travelers. 

 Her symbols are the Acacia tree, clocks and timepieces, squared-shaped stones, and granite. Cows, felines, and dolphins are sacred to her.

Being a maiden, she looks at life in a different, fresher way.   She can bring you a new viewpoint and new perspective as well.

To honor Al-Uzza and bring her protection into your life, use a tough, yet beautiful gemstone.  Jade is extremely tough like Al-Uzza is in battle.  Lavender Jade is beautiful like the maiden Goddess.  A necklace of Lavender Jade would both honor her and bring her strength and beauty into your life. If you seek her protection on the sea, a necklace of coral would be appropriate.


Shop Jade to honor Al-Uzza



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