Energizer Crystals – The Class VIII-3 Ring Silicates

Crystals that channel and absorb energy

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energizer symbolThis class of minerals and crystals—called the ring silicates by scientists, has crystal lattices that contain three to twelve rings of silicate tetrahedrons. There are two basic power structures that can result.

 The first is a pillar structure that is a fantastic power conduit, and the second is a spongelike structure that is an efficient absorber of power directed at it. The pillar-structure crystals are mostly transparent; the spongelike ones are mostly opaque, as you would expect. The beryls, like aquamarine and emerald, are of the first type; sugilite and chrysocolla are crystals of the second type.

Tenergizer transmitting energyhe conduit Energizers are crystals that can help you in many efforts to gain what you seek, enhance your life, protect what you value, and defend you from the undesirable elements of life on Earth. For example, the beryls, like emerald and aquamarine, are powerful Seekers, based on their crystal energy matrices.

Combining that energy with their earth power as Energizers makes these minerals perfect crystals for focusing and amplifying the Universal Life Force and your energy to accomplish your quests. Everyone gets tired and discouraged from time to time. The conduit Energizers are a good antidote to allow us to keep our energy level up and our efforts focused.

The absorber Energizers, like sugilite and chrysocolla, are mostly opaque and function more like batteries. They can serve to augment your energy during periods when you are not at your peak. The green color ray exhibited by chrysocolla, for example, augments and amplifies its earth Energizer power for growth and development.



For more information on the power of Energizer crystals, read The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans.

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