Crystals for Youth

Crystals For Youth

Crystals for Youth



Fountain of Youth

Juan Ponce de León set out in search for the Fountain of Youth and landed in Florida in 1513. The Fountain of Youth was said to restore any person’s youth; make them young, vital, and healthy again. As we all know now, there is no such fountain. However, what if there was something buried deep within the earth that could restore youth? We believe crystals can do just that. While they may not change your physical appearance, they bring you energy, vitality, drive, strength, joy, and more. You will feel like a teenager again, but with all the knowledge to do it right this time! The powerful vibrations and potent color rays of certain crystals can bring youth back into your heart, mind, and spirit!

When you think of the color green, what does it bring to mind? Most people would say plants, trees, grass, new life, and new growth. That is exactly what is needed to restore your vigor. As spring continues to warm the earth’s crust, a frenzy of growth converts barren landscapes into lush glades, and the leaves of plants and trees emerge in a thousand shades of green. Like their counterparts in the plant kingdom, the green gems and minerals are the “growth crystals.” They are powerful conduits of the earth’s Life Force of birth, development, and creation, and of the power of nature’s constant renewal.

Use Green Crystals

Green Crystals

Red Symbol

Green Crystals Bring You Renewal, Success in New Ventures, and Good Health

Crystals of pure green are potent aids in nurturing, whether of fledgling family relationships or new business ventures. They are the symbols of new life in all its manifestations. Use them to encourage growth and development. Green talismans are perfect for keeping a venture on course, a project on schedule, and a life on track. Green is the color of fertility and renewal, and the use of green talismans has a long history in aiding efforts to bring new life into a family, a community, or an organization. This new life can also be one for yourself. While you may not be changing your life drastically, you are changing how you feel and your mental process. You will feel full of life and energetic.

A gorgeous green crystal that, when worn or carried, can bring youth into your life is Green Tourmaline. Green Tourmaline is perhaps nature’s best healing crystal of the physical heart, channeling its electrical energies into the center of one’s being and creating a flow of wholesome energy to all parts of the body and self. Green Tourmaline’s invigorating qualities make it an excellent stone to use or wear to relieve chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Green Tourmaline brings an invigorating growth and expansion to the emotional body, allowing one to be more expressive and less fearful of change. It inspires compassion, tenderness, patience, and nurtures a sense of belonging. It also utilizes wood energy, the energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. It enhances vitality, brings abundance, and keeps us growing physically.

Another special and unique stone we believe can aid you is Hiddenite. In nurturing shades of green, from pale and soft to sunny emerald, Hiddenite encourages growth. It is a Crystal of Evolution, helping individuals to grow spiritually, emotionally, and to be aware of their collective responsibility for the care of the Earth. It supports new beginnings and focusing on the present, relinquishing injustices of the past or anxieties for the future. Green crystal energy, such as found in Hiddenite, is used to resolve blockages and to re-balance the heart chakra, helping us understand our own needs and emotions clearly. Hiddenite is a high vibrational stone awakening the heart energies to a powerful peace within the core of our being. Like a child, it encourages us to stop and receive, opening the heart to the love, gifts and energy the Divine offers, and to return that love in kind.


Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline centers its energies at the Heart Chakra, located near the center of the breastbone. It regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist. It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment.



Hiddenite is conducive to a deep and centered meditative state, stimulating intuition and creativity while dispelling troubled or un-focused energy. It is particularly helpful to those who find it hard to enter into meditation. Holding the crystal in a vertical position aligns the chakras, balancing the energy centers and connecting them sequentially.


What Authors Say About Crystals

What Other Authors Say

Padparadsha Sapphire

Padparadsha Sapphire

Robert Simmons advocates Padparadsha Sapphire which is a solar stone, bringing warmth and physical comfort.

Padparadsha Sapphires blaze with the fire of life-force and creative energies. They are highly activating and purifying to the second chakra, seat of one’s sexual energies as well as the fountain of creativity in all areas of life.

In Summary

Whether we want to feel more energetic, carefree, stronger, or just young again, we believe crystals can be a great ally for you. Wearing, carrying, or meditating with the right crystal can restore your youth once again. We may not have stumbled onto the fountain of youth, but unique crystals dug from the earth are the closest we have come. When searching for youth in your life, we suggest the use of green colored crystals such as Green Tourmaline and Hiddenite. You can also try crystals that other authors have recommended such as Padparadsha Sapphire.


The Book of Stones

The Book of Stones
The Book of Stones
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