Crystals for Solitude

Crystals For Solitude

Crystals for Solitude



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At times in our lives we need moments of solitude. During these times we can gather our thoughts and clear our minds. Often people find themselves doing this before falling asleep in bed, leading to anxiety, less sleep, and stress. You need those times of solitude to distress and recoup. This can also be a great time to work out problems or just meditate and find a deeper inner peace. When you are searching for solitude but you cannot seem to find it or are fearful of it, we believe that crystals can help. Even if you are afraid of being alone, crystals can calm your nerves and mind and make solitude enjoyable.

Turquoise colored crystals are centering and balancing crystals, which make them ideal in times of solitude. Turquoise is a blending of the cold winter blue ray of Trust with the approaching warm green ray of Growth. It is the color of the earth as the new growth and life emerges at the first hints of spring. Turquoise is the Color Ray of Discovery and the Color Ray of Balance. Its vibrations help you find yourself and return to equilibrium in your life and feelings. Excesses can be good. Hot passion, cool reason – both have their place. But when we need to re-center and find our true selves, Turquoise is the color ray of power that is best suited for such endeavors.

Use Turquoise Crystals

Turquoise Crystals

Turquoise Symbol

Crystals with the beautiful Turquoise Ray are Centering and Balance Crystals

When your life is out of balance, whether from too much passion or not enough, or too much activity or not enough, or whatever the imbalance, turquoise rays can get you back to center again. The turquoise colored crystals help you relax, rewind, and build tolerance. When you seek to reestablish your equilibrium and get your emotions under control, use a turquoise colored crystal. When looking for aids in times of solitude and in search for tranquility, we suggest light turquoise colored crystals. In lighter shades, turquoise energy is transformed to the power of inner harmony and peace through spiritual realization. To know one’s place in the worlds of man and nature use light turquoise rays to find the right balance.

Aqua Aura Quartz is a natural quartz crystal that has been processed with gold fumes in a high pressure vacuum chamber. The gold gives the natural crystal its new color. The color is not a coating, but rather a new layer of gold/quartz atoms that are both natural elements, but mixed in a way that enhances the energy of the quartz with the color energy of the turquoise ray of color. Aqua Aura Quartz is a stone of tranquility, peace, and protection from the undesirable elements of life. It can serve as a real barrier against the undesirable elements of your life that are affecting your spirit and joy. It can also assist in conscious awareness of one’s own motivations and patterns. Aqua Aura is said to attract success and prosperity, even possibly wealth, and it is also used for protection from psychic attacks.

Like the waters deep and ancient, Amazonite beckons in captivating shades of turquoise-green, promising to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. Called the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, Amazonite empowers one to search the self and discover one’s own truths and integrity, and to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others to live in alignment with those beliefs and values. It provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings, and to set strong and clear boundaries, both internally as self-discipline, and externally on what one is willing to experience or in defining personal space. Amazonite is a wonderful healer for the emotional body. It soothes trauma and calms the mind, alleviates worry and fear, and directs anger and irritability into a more positive action. It also increases self-esteem, especially in women, and reduces tendencies to self-neglect.


Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz is associated with the Fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra. It is used in emotional healing when someone needs to recover from emotional trauma, become more aware of the needs of his or her heart, and in efforts to improve one’s ability to express love.



Amazonite carries a spiritual energy of personal truth. It enkindles a harmonious interaction between the intellect and intuition, allowing one to find what it right and true within oneself and to lovingly communicate those values and beliefs to others.


What Other Authors Say



Judy Hall suggests Uvarovite which is helpful in balancing the energy of the Heart Chakra.

Uvarovite promotes individuality without egocentricity, and at the same time links the soul into its universal nature. This is a clam and peaceful stone, helpful in experiencing solitude without loneliness.

In Summary

Lighting an incense and some candles and sitting down in the center of a room with crystals around you or in your hands while you meditate may be one of the most peaceful moments you can experience. If you are not getting enough solitude in your life, maybe because you are fearful of it or cannot seem to make the time for yourself, crystals can help. Solitude is very important for our emotional balance and mental sanity. If you are looking to find or enhance times of solitude we suggest using light turquoise colored crystals. In lighter shades, turquoise energy is transformed to the power of inner harmony and peace through spiritual realization. In particular we find Aqua Aura Quartz and Amazonite to be the most helpful with solitude. You can also try crystals that other authors have recommended such as Uvarovite.


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