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Crystals For Renewal

Crystals for Renewal




Self Renewal

Life is full of challenges and at times those challenges are so great we feel beaten down or lost. We may not know how we got to this point but we are exhausted, feel left out and empty. We lack motivation and are not sure what the next steps are because the very things that worked for us before no longer work or are no longer are available. Major life events such as a loss of a loved one such as a spouse or parent can cause these feelings. It could also be triggered by job loss or financial setback. If this describes how you are feeling it is time to transform your life into something new that works for you. Confucius said, “Our greatest glory is in never failing, but in rising every time we fall. Will this self reassessment be scary at times, without a doubt; but self renewal will also give way to happiness in a variety of new shapes and styles. While professional help is important in severe cases, the use of crystals can be very beneficial in dealing with feeling lost, left out or empty.

When working on self-renewal use a green crystal. As spring continues to warm the earth’s crust, a frenzy of growth converts barren landscapes into lush glades, and the leaves of plants and trees emerge in a thousand shades of green. Like their counterparts in the plant kingdom, the green gems and minerals are the growth crystals They are powerful conduits of the earth’s Life Force of birth, development, and creation, and of the power of nature’s constant renewal.

Use Green Crystals

Green Crystals

Green Symbol

Green Crystals Bring You Renewal, Success in New Ventures, and Good Health

We suggest the Green Quartz which is a Seeker Transformer. Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of ones life to a more desirable state. Seekers are used when we need some help to find a new path, a new approach, or in any quest to gain that which we desire but do not yet possess.

Or you can try Moldavite. Moldavite is a talisman of the stars. It is a companion stone that connects you to the stars and the cosmos. It is a stone of connection. It is part of the Earth and part of the Sky. It is your spiritual compass. Carry one to connect to the Universal Life Force of renewal and regeneration.


Green Quartz

Green Cat's Eye Quartz

Green Quartz is a potent talisman for becoming attuned to the natural world. It is used in meditation as a transition aid, and brings powerful earth energy to our efforts. It is used to honor Brigit, the Irish Goddess of Fertility and it an excellent grounding and centering crystal.



Moldavite is a special stone, a Star Stone. It is believed to have been formed in the collision of a giant asteroid with the Earth. The stones are talismans of connectivity. Just holding one is quite a rush. You will immediately feel connected to the Cosmos. If you want to really feel alive, keep one of these with you. As the poem Desiderata tell us “You are a child of the universe” — connect with Moldavite.


What Authors Say About Crystals

What Other Authors Say



Naisha Ahsian encourages the use of Pietersite when major transformation is needed. She feels this is an excellent stone to your build confidence, courage and decisiveness and take control of your life.

Pietersite is called the “tempest stone” because it has been folded and stressed within the earth and yet emerges as truly beautiful. It is a calming agent; a powerful meditation stone that often brings almost instant relief from stress and elevated levels of negative energy.




Angel Lady Terrie Marie advocates the use of the Carnelian (aka the Artist Stone) to unveil our special gifts and abilities.

Carnelian brings us orange, the color of joy and friendship. Joy is a pure emotion, an elusive one, but a heartfelt one. Often as people grow older, they lose the capacity for experiencing pure joy. It can be a simple delight or a deep, lasting feeling. If something seems to be missing but you can’t really describe it, perhaps a bit of orange mixed in your daily life is needed.




Judy Hall tells us that Agate assist in healing on multi-levels and helps us create a new image of our future.

Agate, when it possesses the scarlet ray of influence as this one, is a crystal of physical energy, vitality, and protection. It is a healing crystal of the base Chakra, a powerful fire element used in the south area of a home, and used in the devotions to several Goddesses.

In Summary

If life is leaving you feeling exhausted, feel left out, empty and lacking motivation and the things that worked for us before, no longer do it may be time for self renewal. Please seek professional care for serious issues. Using green crystal s such as Green Quartz or Moldavite to renew and transform your life. Or perhaps try using crystals other writers have found effective such as Pietersite, Carnelian or Agate.


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Crystal Vault

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