Crystals for Optimism

crystals for optimism

Find Hope in the Dark with Crystals

When things get rough nothing can quite keep you going like hope. And where does hope stem from? Optimism. While we may be familiar with the meaning, let’s take a look at the actual definition of optimism; a feeling or belief that good things will happen in the future. To put it simply, optimism gets us through the darker days, helping the sunrise up once more. It lets us know that after the rain, there is certainly a rainbow.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget at times as pessimism and cynicism run rampant in our heads. If you lose your job, it can help remind yourself that there must be a reason, a better job on the other side. If a relationship ends, it can remind you that you are able to love again. If you need to ward off the dark and bring the bright shining light of optimism back into your life, look no further than energy and hope-inducing crystals.

When looking to boost your optimism there isn’t a brighter and happier color in the spectrum than yellow. Yellow crystals are like beautiful bursts of light, shining rays of hope into the night. Yellow is the color of the coming of the sun and the warmth it brings. It is the color of the bright days of early summer, and as the sun high in the sky lights up the landscape, its yellow color ray brings us the power of enlightenment, lighting up the landscape of our search for knowledge.

Use Yellow Crystals for Optimism

Yellow crystals give you the power to solidify new interests and new relationships. They help you to see things in new ways and to become enlightened. They add clarity to your life. They help you wake things up and add zest, optimism, and meaning to your life and relationships.

Yellow crystals are used for new efforts, new beginnings, and new projects. They bring you optimism, enlightenment, warmth, and help you deal with harshness.


crystals for optimism - sulfurSometimes overlooked is the stunning Sulfur Crystal. This bright yellow crystal is most often used to clear negative energy from a light body or from an area of a home or dwelling. It is a purifying crystal and one that is associated with the Solar Plexus, the energy center.

Bright Yellow Sulfur crystals give you the power to solidify new interests and new relationships. They can help you to see things in new ways and be an effective aid in your efforts to move towards enlightenment. They add a sense of meaning and clarity to your life.

Sulfur has subdued fire energy but is generally used in the center of a home or room to bring cheerfulness, optimism, light, and energy to the entire space. Yellow is the color of the middle of the year, the middle of space, the sun, and light energy. Use yellow crystals of Sulfur in the center of a space to energize and vitalize it.


When looking to add the energy and power of optimism to your life, Citrine is a crystal that is always recommended. Citrine is a premier stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Carrying the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting, energizing, and life-giving.

Citrine stimulates the chakras like the sunlight of spring, clearing the mind and stirring the soul to action. Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. With its pure yellow energy, Citrine encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings, and new pursuits.

Citrine opens the higher mind to accept joy in one’s life, releasing anger and negative feelings, deep-seated fears, and destructive tendencies. An excellent crystal for overcoming depression, Citrine reduces the sensitivity to criticism and inspires creativity and self-expression. It raises self-esteem, and by letting go of the past, allows one to move forward optimistically, enjoying new experiences and explorations.


Crystal Energy Items for Optimism

All of these crystal items were made in collaboration with Certified Crystal Alchemists and Certified Crystal Masters.


What Other Crystal Authors Recommend

Melody recommends Muscovite which is helpful in dealing with grief, letting go of the past, and curing guilt.

"Muscovite can be used to lessen self-doubt, to promote the acts of looking to the past for lessons which truly have been assimilated, and to look to the future with optimism and knowledge that one can advance with success."

Judy Hall suggests Ametrine which is a wonderful talisman for use in the creative arts.

"Mentally, Ametrine brings clarity, harmonizing perception and action, it strengthens concentration and aids thinking things through, encouraging exploration of all possibilities, bringing creative solutions, it takes the intellect beyond everyday reality to link into higher awareness. It promotes optimism and well-being that is not distributed by stressful external influences."


Michael Gienger advocates Blue Chalcedony which is a healing stone for the throat chakra.

"Blue chalcedony bestows a light-heartedness, a carefree, elated feeling for life with an optimistic tenor. It enhances conscious self-awareness through improving the perception of our feelings, emotions, desires, and needs."



When hope is fading, optimism is the one that ushers it in and brings it back. No one should ever have to live their life plagued with pessimism or feeling hopeless and lost in desperate situations. Instead, optimism shows you that there is so much more to look forward to and that even after the hard times, there is always a light waiting on the other side.

If you have been feeling down and need to brighten up your life, the cheerful yellow rays of Sulfur crystals and Citrine can help. We also suggest you try crystals that other authors mention such as Ametrine, Muscovite, and Blue Chalcedony.


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