Crystals for Inner Beauty


Crystals For Inner Beauty

Crystals for Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty


What's on the Inside

Beauty: It’s something a lot of us have, will, or still do stress about. We want to look nice and make good first impressions on those around us. We want people to find us attractive. However, what happens when we spend all the time on outer beauty and forget to work on our inner beauty? Inner beauty is even more important than outer beauty. As they say, looks fade, but what’s on the inside, your emotions, feelings, and personality, are forever. So even if you are working on the outside, you can always work on the inside too. Certain special crystals can help you build that inner beauty up. They can help you focus the attention inward. They can also attract positive energy while warding away negative energy. Crystals can enhance your personality, how in touch you are with your emotions and spirit, and boost your inner beauty.

Indigo is a soft color ray that is made for introspection, and crystals of this color can help you immensely in your quest for wisdom. Indigo is the color of virtue and maturity. Indigo colored stones combine the intuition of the violet ray with the trust of the pure blue ray. They can help you find your way to a higher plane of consciousness. The indigo crystals are beautiful and powerful stones that will bring you reflexive awareness and comprehension of complex relationships. Indigo is also the color of judgment and long life.

Use Indigo Crystals

Indigo Crystals

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Indigo Crystals Bring You Wisdom, Truth, Dignity, and Spiritual Mastery

Indigo crystals bring your spiritual wisdom and honesty. It aligns the Brow Chakra, also called the third eye, which is the center of perception and command. It directs our sight and everyday awareness of the world. Our consciousness is located here. “We” are here. We relate to ourselves through this chakra. We see ourselves and the external world, interpret what we see and are aware of ourselves and the world through the brow chakra. In lighter shades of indigo is where inner beauty can be found. Light indigo colored crystals bring appreciation, dignity, goodness, humility, modesty, thankfulness, and virtue, which are all important aspects of inner beauty. When indigo is lightened and diffused in crystals such as those of sodalite or some fluorite, then indigo becomes the ray of connection, having similar power to that of an amethyst colored crystal. To maintain a natural connection to life, to be naturally aware of your place, and to keep your soul and mind connected, use a light indigo crystal.


Like a crisp, dark winter sky, Iolite, in shifting shades of violet-blue carries the spirit of journey, of dreams and intuition, of exploration and illumination. It is known as the Vikings’ Compass, and provides the vision to move us, physically and spiritually, from one realm to the next. Iolite examines the inner path of the deep self. It assists in letting go of the belief that one needs to control inner experiences, and dissolves fear of the unknown or suppressed parts of the psyche. It increases the capacity to move forward, and allows for the understanding that the examination of one’s wounds is the most direct path to healing. It is a stone of inner treasure, helping to uncover the lost parts of oneself, and in receiving the peace one’s spiritual journey brings.





Iolite is a Dispeller Energizer Crystal. Sometimes in your life you need to rid yourself of things you have but no longer want. You want to get rid of pains, sickness, worry, and a host of unpleasant feelings. For these needs, the Dispeller talismans that form in the orthorhombic system are needed.



What Authors Say About Crystals

What Other Authors Say



Michael Gienger recommends Malachite which is a powerful amulet of protection from physical harm and is an excellent meditation aid in connecting with the Mother Earth.

Malachite encourages an appreciation of aesthetics, sensuality and beauty, friendship, and justice. It helps us imagine ourselves in the position of others and to empathize with them.

In Summary

You will find in life that many entities are focused on outer beauty. Magazines, television, movies, ads; they all display outer beauty as an essential attribute. However, they fail to mention that without inner beauty, outer beauty won’t get you very far. Looks fade over time and what you have left on the inside is what makes you who you are. If you are looking to learn more about yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and if you want to improve on them, we suggest the use of light colored indigo crystals. Light indigo colored crystals bring appreciation, dignity, goodness, humility, modesty, thankfulness, and virtue, which are all important aspects of inner beauty. We recommend light indigo colored crystals such as Iolite to aid in inner beauty. You can also try crystals that other authors have suggested such as Malachite.


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Crystal Power, Crystal Healing
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