Crystals for a Broken Heart

Healing a Broken Heart with Crystals

How does one heal a broken heart? It is a question that has been asked for hundreds of years. Everyone experiences a broken heart at one time or another. It is a painful emotion that tears us down, breaks us in two, and sometimes gives us the sensation that our heart is actually breaking.

No one should ever have to feel the pain of a broken heart alone. Time is what others will tell you mends a broken heart. While that may be true, you can start mending your broken heart today and you don't have to do it alone.

Crystals can help you heal from the inside out, put those broken pieces back together, dry your tears, and make your feel whole again.

Light Red or Pink Crystals for Love

When dealing with the pain of a broken heart, we suggest using red crystals. Red is the color of passion, energy, and life. It motivates. It is a very strong color the color of fire and blood. It is emotionally intense. Red crystals are used when the situation needs passion: active, involved, energetic action. Red empowers, uplifts, and engulfs. If you are suffering from a lack of power, listlessness, or a low emotional state, you need more red.

Red crystals bring you energy, courage, passion, and love.

It may sound odd but sometimes in order to mend a broken heart, a little love is all it needs. Specifically pink crystals, which are known as the crystals of new love, new romance, and new relationships, are also perfect for helping you heal. They focus most often on the heart chakra and can not only aid you in one day finding love again, but heal the past trauma that is hindering your emotional health.

Pink Lemurian

Dreamsicle Lemurian Seed Crystal-212339One of the most agreed upon crystals for healing a broken heart is Pink Lemurian Seed crystals. Lemurian Seed Crystals have been used extensively in healing efforts associated with the heart chakra. They are specifically used in spiritual healing when the entire organism is out of balance with itself.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are used to bring a sense of oneness to a person suffering from feelings of disjointedness or detachment. When life seems to be swirling around someone, and they seem to be lost in the whirlwind, use a Lemurian Seed Crystal in the healing process.

This Lemurian Seed Crystals, being made of quartz, is a Seeker Transformer Crystal. Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of one's life to a more desirable state. Seekers are used when we need some help to find a new path, a new approach, or in any quest to gain that which we desire but do not yet possess.

Pink Manganocalcite

Fluorescent Pink Mangano Calcite Cluster-161468

Another crystal than can be used to mend a broken heart are Pink Manganocalcite crystals. It is noted as a "heart stone" that can cure fear, increase feelings of self-worth, and can be helpful in soothing the soul after trauma. Some practitioners also use Pink Manganocalcite as a Heart Stone, to deal with trauma to the Heart Chakra. They give your heart a place of repose and calm, and the strength to keep it.

Manganocalcite has been called the "Reiki Stone." Robert Simmons in the "Book of Stones" finds Manganocalcite to be a stone of empathy, useful in dispelling arguments particularly between parents and children. This stone allows your heart and mind to see the viewpoint of another. This is an excellent stone for the maintenance of the health of your emotional body


Crystal Energy Items for Healing a Broken Heart

All of these crystal items were made in collaboration with Certified Crystal Alchemists and Certified Crystal Masters.


What Other Crystal Authors Recommend

Margherita recommends Morganite which can heal a broken heart while opening it to new love.

"Morganite is a cosmic heart center stone. It is valuable to use in case of a broken heart. Our hurt may, in fact, open our heart. This may be a gift of learning. Our heart is capable of generating the strongest force in the universe: love unbound by conditions. Only a truly opened heart would be able to achieve this. Morganite offers the key vibrations to facilitate such true opening."

Judy Hall suggests Rhodonite which is used to deal with a broken heart, serves as an amulet of protection against disease, particularly those of the winter months.

"Rhodonite stimulates and heals the heart. It grounds energy, balances yin-yang, and aids in achieving one’s highest potential. This stone has a strong resonance with forgiveness, assists in reconciliations after long-term pain and abuse, and is beneficial in emotional self-destruction and codependency. A useful “first aid stone”, Rhodonite heals emotional shock and pain, supporting the soul during the process."

Michael Gienger advocates Amazonite which is a stone of tranquility, peace, and protection from the undesirable elements of life.

"Amazonite encourages self-determination. It helps us discard the notion of being the victim of all-powerful fate and encourages us to take charge of our own life. It can help balance out extremes of moods and has a calming effect. It dissolves sadness and feelings of apprehension. It can also help solve problems through encouraging a proper interaction between rational thought and intuition."



A broken heart is an emotional upset that we have already felt, are currently feeling or will feel at some point in life.

While the pain and trauma from a broken heart can sometimes almost debilitate, you don't have to go through this alone and you can seek the healing properties of pink crystals such as Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals and Pink Manganocalcite. You can also try crystals the other authors have suggested such as Rhodonite, Morganite, and Amazonite.


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