Basics of Crystal Massage

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Welcome to the second part of our Crystal Massage on-line guide. (If you want to start at the beginning, click here)

This is a beginning lesson for crystal wand massage. In it we will show you how to hold a wand, how to move the wands and how to give your first crystal wand massage- “Energy.”


Now, we mentioned in the introduction that there are various shapes and kinds of wands. Let’s take a minute and talk about some.

First there are the traditional wands that are either tapered or round on the long side. They are usually pointed on one end, and rounded on the other.

These are the most common type you will find.

They work well for both traditional crystal massage and for reflexology.

You will find them easy to work with.

These are used by holding them like a pencil. See the videos for details. You will usually be using the rounded end, but the pointed one is excellent for small areas around the fingers and toes.


The next type of wand is the round massage wand. These are gaining in popularity because they are easy to hold.

These massage wands are especially useful for back massages. The round massage wands are very soothing, and very relaxing.

Use a round massage wand when you are focused on a relaxation massage.

The round massage wands are not too useful for crystal reflexology, but they are really good for massaging the back of the legs, the upper arms, the back and the neck.


The handheld massage wand is a relatively new shape. It has both a rounded end and a pointed end, but it is easier for many people to use.

The handheld massage wand is shaped so that it can be easily gripped in one hand without tiring. Try these, we find them great for many purposes.

Use these for almost any massage efforts. They seem to be the best all around shape.

Many of our clients are beginning to prefer this shape. Unfortunately, it is also relatively new, and many minerals are not yet cut in this shape. Look for it, and buy it when you can.

Finally there are twist massage wands. We really like these. The wand is very much like the traditionally cut wands, long and skinny. But it is cut with a twist shape.

This shape makes the wand very easy to hold.

These are our favorites for crystal reflexology. You won’t find too many of these either, but look for them.

Now we mentioned there are wands made from many minerals and crystals. Each of our wands is completely described and its specific uses are explained. In general however, you will find there are basically two categories: Activating Energy Wands and Relaxation Soothing Wands.

Let’s look briefly at each.

Activating Energy Wands.

Activating Energy Wands are those that are high vibration, Yang energy wands. These include most Bloodstone, Hematite, Lapis, Labradorite, dark colored Obsidian, Sodalite, Blue Calcite, Indigo Gabbro, Gren Jade, Black Jade, Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate, Apatite, Tiger Iron, and Purple Fluorite. There are many more, but these are the common ones.

These wands are “hard energy” wands. They envigorate, excite, and energize. Use these for massages when more physical activity is planned. Use them also during a relaxtion massage when an area seems to be “lazy” and needs to be activated. Usually this is a small area.

Relaxation Soothing Wands

Relaxation Soothing Wands are low vibration, subtle, soothing, Yin energy wands. These include the lighter colored agates, Atlantasite, Amazonite,Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Stripped Flint, Tiger Eye, Green Fluorite,Sea Jasper, Chestnut Jasper, Petrified Wood, Dalmation Jasper, and Red Jade. These wands have a soft energy and soothe tired muscles and tired auras.

Again, each mineral brings its own special energies, be sure to check the listings for specific needs.

The Energy Massage –

For this lesson you will need two crystal massage wands. They should be Activating Energy wands if you want to reenergize a sore back. They should be Relaxation Soothing Wands if your intent to induce total relaxation.

You will also need a straight back chair and someone with a sore back or someone who just wants more energy. (pretty easy to find!)

Ok. With two wands, one chair, and a tired, sore back you have all you need. If you don’t have what you need, check out our wands – great value.

Cleansing the wands

To begin, you will need to cleanse and clear your wands. There are many techniques to do this, we explain all of them in our Preparing Crystals ebook.

If you do not have the Guide, we suggest you place the wands in a shallow bowl of clean water (and some Himalayan cleansing crystals if you have some) and place it in the sunshine for 10 minutes.

Then remove the wands and dry them with a clean cloth.


Here is a video that explains what comes next.

Holding the wands

For this massage we will be using both the rounded end of the wands and the pointed end. We will also be using the wands one at a time, and sometimes with one in both hands. Hold a crystal massage wand the way you hold a pencil. This might be a bit awkward when you are using two wands but you will quickly become proficient.

Moving the wands.

We will be using two movements in this massage. The first is the meridian stroke. The second is the spiral stroke.

The meridian stroke.

meridiansMeridians are lines of life energy flowing vertically within the body. They are particularly concentrated near the backbone.

A meridian stroke is a slow drawing of the crystal wand along a meridian usually using moderate to light pressure and the blunt, rounded end of the wand.

The stroke is begun with a light but firm pressure which increases slightly thru the stroke. The stroke must be pleasurable and absolutely not painful. Start with very light pressure and increase it as your patient reactions dictate.

The meridian stroke is the primary massage wand stroke. Practice it, everyone will help!


The Spiral Stroke

spiral strokeA spiral stroke is made by placing the tip of a wand gently on a part of the body then using a circular motion drawing an expanding circle with the wand. This can be done clockwise and counterclockwise depending on the intended results.

For activation and increased energy a clockwise movement is used on the left side of the body and a counterclockwise movement on the right side of the body. This makes the expanding energy flow to the tightly packed energy meridians along the spine.

Normally spiral strokes are made with the pointed end of the wand. The touch is lighter than the meridian stroke, and the pressure increases slightly as the circle expands.

The spiral is usually about 3 expanding circles that expand form a point to a final arc about 1-2 inches across.

The “Energy Massage” – Ready to go now!

energy massageThis is a quick “pick me up” massage that last about 5 minutes and needs little preparation. Have the patient sit backwards in a straight chair leaning over the back or have them sit in a low back chair so you can work on their back without interference. They should be wearing a light, but somewhat substantial shirt or blouse that will allow the wand to move slowly, but not damage the fabric. (a cotton tee shirt works well. A silk blouse is too insubstantial and can be damaged.)

Step 1 Begin with a single wand in one hand holding it like a pencil. Put the rounded end down. Placing your other hand on the patient’s shoulder.

With the wand make a meridian stroke from just below the neck down to the lower back staying about an inch or so to the left of the backbone. Repeat the same stroke in the same direction an equal distance to the right of the backbone.

Note the response from the patient to your pressure. Now move back to the left side and make a meridian stroke in the opposite direction stroking upward from the lower back to the neck. Repeat on the right side.

Pause about 5 second and repeat the four strokes. Remember the strokes are with a light but firm pressure that increases slightly as the stroke is made.

Repeat this series for a total of 6 sets of the four strokes.

Step 2: Pick up the second wand. With both wands, make a meridian stroke an inch or so to the left and right of the backbone simultaneously. Start from the neck and make the strokes downward.

Try to have the same pressure on each wand. Now stroke upward with both wands simultaneously.

Make alternating strokes with each wand. First the left downward’ then the right downward. They the left one upward then the right one upward. Pause a few seconds at the end of each stroke.

Now repeat the sequence of simultaneous strokes and alternating strokes.

Do a set of a total of six iterations at least.

Step 3: Take a single wand and reverse it so that the tapered pointed end is down. Again place your other hand on your patient’s shoulder.

Place the wand gently about 3 or 4 inches to the left of the backbone low on the back. Make a spiral stroke in the clockwise direction. Move the wand to a point 3-4 inches to the right of the backbone.

Draw a spiral stroke counterclockwise. Repeat this sequence 3 times.

Then move upward a few inches and perform a series of three alternating spirals again. Continue to move upward repeating the alternating spirals until you reach the top of the back.

Step 4: Now pick up both wands and using the rounded end slowly perform 6 downward meridian strokes then perform 6 upward ones.

Finish by gently pressing the two wands into the lower neck about one inch apart using the rounded ends. Hold them for 30 seconds.

That completes the “Energy” back massage.

Now this massage can be done with the patient lying down just as well. It can also be done with the massage wands applied directly to the back. If so, use a small amount of massage oil on the wands to allow them to move smoothly. Baby oil works fine and is available in most drug and grocery stores. Special massage oils and special crystal massage oils are available on the Internet.

This completes your basic lesson. You know how to hold the wands, how to make two basic strokes, and you probably have a friend for life! Now go practice this at least 5 times on different patients. When you are ready to advance get a copy of “Crystal Wands” and expand your abilities. Enjoy! (and like sik blouses, you can never have too many massage wands…they are quite magical!)

…. Wishing you good health….The Crystal Vaults team…with special thank you to our three 15-year old video and graphic artists: Brittani Petrofsky, Katrina Farmer, and Eric Grant. Good job!