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Aquarius Zodiac Mini Grid Set

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Aquarius Zodiac Mini Grid Set


Number Available: 3



DESCRIPTION:  This is an Aquarius Zodiac Mini Grid set based on the Seed of LIfe. 

Those that are born under the sun sign Aquarius are intellectual and social beings. They tend to genuinely care for others and mankind in general.  This makes them a progressive spirit. Because of this, they are always working toward change for the betterment of mankind. They also enjoy sharing ideas with others and try their best to keep emotions aside. This tends to inspire others and earn them many friends. 

Like the water this sign symbolizes, blue is the color for Aquarius. This color brings balance and calms the restlessness of those born during this time. It is a mellow color and also one that resonates with the Throat chakra to bring clear communication. Blue is also the color of respect, compassion, and humanity, giving the Aquarius their caring attitude. Because of their friendliness, those under this sign can have difficulty forming close relationships. They can also benefit from double thinking ideas before presenting them to others to avoid skepticism.

Focus stone: The Focus stone attracts the Universal Life Force to the grid. Your Focus stone is a Quartz point. This will bring the Universal Life Force in the form of light and is the pure White Light of creation. It provides the highest form of Light and is a reflection of the soul. Quartz will emulate and amplify any intention programmed into it.

Way stones: The Way stones amplify and modify the energy of the grid. These will be Carnelian. As a stone of warmth, Carnelian brings companionship and closeness. It is a stone of making and growing friendships. Using it on a grid for Aquarius will help them to foster closer relationships with those around them, making them more meaningful. Carnelian is also helpful in strengthening family bonds. 

Desire stones: The Desire stones transmit the energy of the grid to you. These will be Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of the higher mind. It provides the Aquarius with understanding and truth. It stimulates the desire for knowledge and encourages honesty. Lapis is also a stone of loving communication and brings harmony and balance. 

SIZE:  The grid is 4 x 6 inches.  


This grid can be placed where you please but choose a spot you will visit often. Place the Focus stone first as you envision the warm energy of the Universe flowing in. Next, place your Way stones. In your mind’s eye, see the powerful energy transmuting to these stones. Place your Desire stones last. Feel the energy flow through them and to you as the connection is complete.  Visit it often to reconnect and absorb its growing energy.  

The kit is easy to set up, easy to use, and we are very confident it will work to help you find balance and gain closer, more meaningful relationships.


How To Use This Crystal

This is a complete mini travel grid set. It includes a 4" x 6" grid, complete instructions for assembly and use, all crystals needed, and a nice protective travel box.