Builder Crystals of the Carbonate Class


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Builder crystals are carbonates—minerals that are rarely in their final forms, but rather in a transitional state. The class also includes the nitrates and borates that are similar in chemistry and earth power. Azurite, malachite, dolomite, and rhodochrosite are all Builders.

These minerals are similar to Transformers in use. The difference is that Builders are more useful when the beginning state is not undesirable. Transformers are more focused on changing an undesirable situation into one that is more desirable.

Builders are used when there is nothing particularly wrong with the current situation, but the desire is to build something new that might somehow have value in our future. They help in development efforts, in learning new skills and knowledge, and in building new relationships.

The Builders are excellent in applications in which something new needs to be made from something old. Woodworkers, stone workers, artists, painters, and others involved in the creative arts benefit from this type of crystals.

The Builder crystals can help artists and crafts persons to focus on the artistic outcome they are trying to achieve.

Many uses of crystals  focus on efforts to achieve a highly desirable goal. Finding our true love, getting our perfect home, or having a financially secure retirement are all dreams that take a great deal of focus and energy to accomplish. The Builder crystals are perfect aids for such efforts.

For more information on the power of Builder crystals, read The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans.

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