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Your Questions Answered

We asked you what questions you had about crystals. We’ve picked out several to address in this email but we will be answering more soon! Do you have a question you want to ask our crystal experts? Click here to send it in.

What is the best combination of crystals to allow for family happiness and harmony? My teenagers never stop fighting and it drains my energy!

Answer: I definitely know how that is! It is definitely exhausting and frustrating. However, we do have an answer! The stones of family harmony are those of a light turquoise color. Several crystals come in lighter shades of turquoise. Obviously, the mineral Turquoise does. So does Aventurine, some Jades, some TourmalinesAmazonite, and Larimar.

We find that using them as the Desire Stones on a grid is perfect. The family gathering design in a light blue color would work very well. You could use them on all the posts of the grid in extreme cases. Click here to download a free Family Gathering Grid design.

What are some crystals for a good night’s sleep? I suffer from insomnia.

Answer: Insomnia is a sleep disorder that many of us have experienced at one point in our lives. Others may suffer from this condition on a nightly basis. It is important to establish a regular sleep pattern in order to get a good night of rest. Amethyst is known to calm and soothe and help with insomnia as well as inspire good dreams.


Referred to as “nature’s tranquilizer,” Amethyst calms and soothes, assisting the transmission of neural signals through the brain. It relieves obsessive-compulsive disorder and hyperactivity in children and animals. Place under the pillow or mattress, or rub the center of the forehead counter-clockwise to cure insomnia and stimulate pleasant dreams. It is especially effective for children’s recurring nightmares and fears of the dark and may help alleviate homesickness.


If you or someone you know suffers from long sleepless nights, there are some helpful things that you can do to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Please be advised that if the situation continues the services of a physician are needed. Nothing here is intended to prescribe a treatment. This advice is simply ways to supplement medical treatment, not replace it.

Wind down properly before bedtime by creating a sleep ritual. Take a warm bath with a few drops of lavender oil added. Surround your bath with Amethyst crystals and light a few candles. Try not to eat, read, or watch TV in bed.

Keep your bedroom warm, dark, quiet, and well ventilated. Decorate it in soothing colors. Most shades of violet and lavender induce relaxation and release stress. Place an Amethyst at your bedside.

Lavender is an herb traditionally used to help insomnia. Placa bunch of lavender flowers on your bedside table or place a drop of lavender oil on your pillow.

Avoid eating heavy meals or drinking stimulants or drinks that include caffeine after eight o’clock at night.

Keep a regular exercise schedule during the day. Do not exercise within two hours of going to bed.

Only go to bed when you are sleepy. Try not to nap during the day or sleep late during the morning.


Amethyst is a powerful crystal that can soothe and inspire feelings of tranquility. It is particularly helpful to those who suffer from insomnia brought on by stress. To bring sweet dreams along with a night of good rest, follow these simple steps:

  1. Lie down comfortably on your bed, preferably at bedtime.
  2. Place the Amethyst of your Third Eye Chakra, in between your eyes at the top of your nose. This area is the main acupressure point for clearing the stagnant energy that may cause insomnia. Massaging the Third Eye Chakra at bedtime can also induce sleepiness.
  3. You can leave the crystal in place while you fall asleep or remove it after 15 minutes. After this time you may place the stone under your pillow.

My husband is suffering from sciatica and now from a severe infection in three teeth which is taking a long time to heal even after aggressive medical treatment. Is there a crystal grid that can be used?

Answer: We must start with a disclaimer. We cannot practice medicine or prescribe remedies for disease or physical ailments. You have to have a medical license to do that.

What you can do is build a grid that will soothe the spirit and indirectly reduce the feelings of distress. Calm the spirit, calm the body.

We suggest the Celtic Awen design – an ancient remedy. We would use a Clear Quartz for the Focus Stone for clear relief. We would use a green stone such as Aventurine or Jade for the Way Stones to bring health, and we would use a violet or amethyst stone for the Desire Stones such as Amethyst or Fluorite for the spiritual calmness you seek. Here is a free copy of the Celtic Awen grid for you to use.

Hi, I’ve just opened a botanical store in our local shopping mall. I wonder if you have a wholesale program that includes literature regarding the different stones and their benefits?

Answer: We do not have a wholesale program but we do offer you the use of the incredible Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia. It has over 100 extensive entries about the most common and desired stones and crystals. It is the most definitive metaphysical guide on the web. It is free. Just give credit when you quote from it. You can find it here.

What is a healing stone for cancer?

Answer: The question is a good one, but the answer is not so good. We do not know. There is no research that indicates crystals have any effect on cancer.

Will I become a famous writer someday?

Answer: It is possible. I actually mentor people who are learning to write. I will show you how to consult your inner mind and get your answer.

We will use Pathwalking. Get a tarot card or an image of one. One of the Major Arcana. We also recommend using a set of Fluorite crystals. Now find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Look at the card very carefully. Imagine that there is a path just on the far right side of the card behind whatever image happens to be on the card. You cannot see it, but imagine it is there.

Now take a deep breath and imagine you are shrinking to the size where you can step into the image on the card. Don’t go in yet. Just get the right size. Now prepare yourself for a few questions when you go into the card in your mind. The person or object in the card will become aware of you and ask you something. Get your answer ready and step into the card. If you are noticed answer any questions then proceed to the path.

Now, this path will lead to your answer but not necessarily directly. As you imagine walking this path, see the unusual scenery. Take note of it. You will eventually meet creatures. Some will ignore you, some with talk. Mostly they ask questions. Answer them. If they ask you if you have questions ask about being a writer. You may get an answer. Continue down the path until you come to something… a house, a castle, a clearing, something. See what is going on. Watch and listen. If approached be friendly. After a while just return down the path and exit the card. Grow up to your normal size and put the card face down on a table nearby. You may hear voices from it later and have to go back in if you leave it face up. You will find your answer somewhere on the path.

Now to your purpose. Perhaps you seek to heal an affliction. In the meditative state feel the energy of the cosmos flowing in your crystal. Be sure you can actually feel and see this energy. It will take some concentration, but that will now be easy. See the energy flow into your body. Now with the energy flowing, focus your mind on your purpose. If you are trying to heal yourself see the energy flow to the location of the pain. If you are trying to open energy centers, see the energy flow into the right chakra. If you are trying to simply relax, see the energy start to engulf you in a protective cocoon. If you are seeking understanding, see the energy flow into the deep recesses of your mind. If you are seeking to communicate with spirit beings, see the energy flow out of the top of your head and disperse into the heavens.

You are connected to yourself, and the energy of the Universal Life Force, through your crystal and your mental state. You might not want to leave. Many report this as a natural “high” It is.

When it is time to return to the everyday world, you will know it. Slow down the energy flow. See the crystal dim. Set it down. Now start from the top of your head and mentally shake each part of your body. When you get to your toes, wiggle them, and then imagine the rope connecting you to the center of the earth has disappeared. Now get up. Put your hands up over your head as high as you can, stand on tiptoes if you can, and stretch your body. Put the crystal away.

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