Using Violet Crystals for Healing

Pride Week — Day Seven

violet crystals

The month of June is Pride Month and we're here to celebrate with Pride Week! Enjoy a week full of crystal uses for every color of the rainbow flag. Today we're discussing the color violet! Here we'll tell you more about the color violet, the many healing uses of violet crystals, and using violet gems as birthstones!

If you're looking for ways to support your LGBTQ+ friends and family, consider donating either your time or money to local or national organizations. Some of our favorites to support during Pride Month include The Trevor Project, PFLAG, the Human Rights Campaign, and the American Civil Liberties Union.

About Violet Crystals

The color violet is one of inspiration, creativity, magic, and dreams. Violet crystals carry the same properties and offer even more healing potential like improving imagination, helping you follow your heart, and better intuition.

Violet crystals are wonderful dream crystals and they can rid you of nightmares. They can also improve the chances of lucid dreaming and astral travel. Violet crystals are considered to be magic on a higher plane.

Crystals of the violet color ray can help you connect with and learn more about yourself. Violet is also thought to be the true color of good luck. Therefore, violet crystals can help your dreams come true.

If you're looking for a little magic, luck, and creativity in your life... you need some violet crystals!

Popular Violet Crystals

There are many different violet crystals and gemstones out there but here is a list of some of the most popular ones!

  • Amethyst
  • Lepidolite
  • Sugilite
  • Fluorite
  • Super Seven
  • Eudialyte
  • Ametrine
  • Charoite
  • Lithium Quartz
  • Purpurite
  • Cacoxenite
  • Stichtite
  • Grape Agate
  • Spirit Quartz
  • Kunzite
  • Smithsonite

Violet Crystals for Chakra Healing

Violet crystals are best when looking to clear, heal, or restore balance to the Crown Chakra.

The benefits of just a few minutes a day with a violet crystal resting near the top of your head (or on your forehead) can be substantial. You can also use aromatherapy to help balance the Crown Chakra.

The Crown Chakra is located near the top of the head. It controls how we think, and how we respond to the world around us. It is the fountainhead of our beliefs.

When the Crown Chakra is out of balance you will feel clumsy, uncoordinated, and at sorts with life. You will stumble in both movements and thoughts. You will be uninspired and out of step.

Using Violet Crystals in Feng Shui

Violet crystals bring us Fire Energy in Feng Shui. Use violet crystals to enhance any space that you use for high-energy activities or any busy, high-traffic spaces.

Fire Energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination, and activity. Use the red hues of crystals to bring the sun’s power and the fire element’s energy to your life and home. Charge up a space with these crystals.

Fire Energy is traditionally associated with the south area of a home or room also known as the Fame and Reputation area. Use its energy to give your life the boost it needs to enhance your standing in the community and within your family.

Violet Crystals as Natural Birthstones

The natural color wheel shows the progression of life and color on the planet earth. In contrast to astrological signs and other birthstone lists, the color wheel shows us the color of our birth time on earth. Therefore, it can show us our true, natural birthstone.

If you were born just after the winter solstice, from December 21st to January 19th, your natural birthstone is violet. For this reason, you may likely find yourself drawn to violet crystals and gemstones. Violet crystals are likely to bring you more luck, better sleep, better dreams, and deeper intuition.

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by Kat Ohren

Kat is a Certified Crystal Master and Crystal Astrologist. She has been working with both crystals and astrology for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Sciences and Technology from Pennsylvania State University. Kat is a Florida native and has been with Crystal Vaults for over 10 years.

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