Tumbled Crystals: What Do I Do With Them?

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Tumbled crystals, also called tumbled stones and tumbled gems, are crystals that have been tumbled until they are polished and smooth. This is done through the use of a rock tumbler, which tumbles the crystals with a mixture of grit and water. Geology.com explains, "as the rocks tumble, they grind against one another with particles of the abrasive grit caught between them. This action wears sharp edges off of the rocks and smoothes their surfaces." This process not only makes the crystal easier and more satisfying to hold but also enhances the color of the crystal and can even reveal patterns underneath such as the case with Malachite.

Why Choose Tumbled Crystals?

White Mookaite Tumbled Stone Set
White Mookaite Tumbled Stone Set

Tumbled crystals sometimes get looked over because they are smaller in size or not as showy as singular, non-tumbled crystals. However, the healing power is still the same and we argue tumbled crystals can even be more beautiful than their structured counterparts. Here are 5 reasons why you should own tumbled crystals!

  1. They are more affordable.
  2. They often come in pairs or sets, allowing you more creativity and options for placement and use.
  3. Tumbled crystals are easier to carry around and use as you don't have to worry about them breaking and they are not heavy.
  4. Their size, shape, and affordability make them more versatile. It makes them easier to use in plants, for pets, on crystals grids, and more.
  5. They fill out any collection and also make perfect gifts for those starting out with crystal healing, especially children.

What Do I Do With Tumbled Crystals?

One of the best things about tumbled stones is their versatility. They are affordable, easy to hold, healing, soothing, and can be used in a variety of applications. Here are some of our favorite ways to use tumbled crystals.

Use Them for Decoration

tumbled crystals for decoration

One of the most popular uses for tumbled crystals is probably the most simple - use them as decoration! They can be placed alongside larger pieces, put in bowls, or placed strategically along a bookshelf. Some crystals can be put in fish tanks/aquariums and with plants.

Give Some as Gifts

Since tumbled stones are affordable, they make wonderful gifts! Many of us can probably remember picking out tumbled crystals when we were younger. It's a great way to help others get started on their own journey of crystal healing and crystal collecting.

Use Them in Mojo Bags

Mojo bags are personal bags that are used to draw positive energy to you. They are sometimes used in modern magick and historically they were used in religions like Hoodoo. Crystals can help add the energy you are looking for and are a must in any mojo bag. If you're looking for wealth use green crystals like Green Aventurine, a green bag, a piece of money, and spices like cinnamon. For a mojo bag seeking love, you could use a pink bag with a pink crystal such as Rose Quartz. Then you could add rose petals and catnip. Check out Nui Cobalt's guide for what else to add to your bag.

For Meditation and Chakra Balancing


Tumbled crystals are perfect for meditation as well as any chakra balancing and healing. They are much easier to hold, use, and place along the body, especially for chakra balancing. You can lay down and place corresponding crystals along the chakras. You can also hold tumbled stones in your hands while you meditate. Check out our Chakra Balancing section for more.

Use Them for Jewelry

When looking to make any type of crystal jewelry, tumbled stones are almost always the best choice. They are easy to wire wrap and comfortable to wear since they are smooth. Some people like to drill pieces into them to string necklaces or even drill holes through them to string beads. Smaller tumbled stones, often called crystal chips, can even be put in floating lockets or small jar necklaces.

Put Them in Plotted Plants or Gardens

Crystals are a great addition to any garden and that includes potted plants! Not only can they add a nice look to the surrounding soil but there are several crystals you can use to help plants grow such as Moss Agate or Garden Quartz. You can also check out our Grow Strong Crystal Energy Plant Spray.

Place Them on Crystal Grids


Though you can put any crystal you would like on a crystal grid, tumbled stones are the easiest and most practical to use. Most of our crystal grids come with the tumbled crystals they need already but you can also get more to switch them out for different needs and energy!

Use Them for Rituals and Spells

Crystals have been used in spells and rituals since the beginning of time. Tumbled stones are perfect for spell jars, spell casting, rituals, goddess dedication, on altars, for protection, and much more.

Place Them Around Your Home for Protection

You'll find many different recommendations out there for protecting your home including setting up a crystal grid or perimeter around your home. This is usually done with Black Tourmaline with other crystals sometimes mixed in such as Selenite. As you can imagine, gridding your home with individual crystals can get expensive quickly. With tumbled crystals, you can get sets of Black Tourmaline and grid your house for protection much more easily and affordably.

Use Them For On-the-Go Healing

tumbled crystals in hands

It's not easy or practical to carry around crystals. They are usually too big, heavy, delicate, or all three! Enter tumbled crystals. These smooth, lightweight, and durable crystals are perfect for taking your healing on the go! You can put some in your purse, pocket, or even wear them in jewelry.

Use to Reduce Stress and Fidgeting

If you like to fidget or you find yourself to be an anxious person, simply holding and playing with some tumbled stones can help reduce stress. Not only that, they are fun to clank together and roll around your hands. You can use them at home, work, on commutes, or wherever you need some fun, distraction, and stress relief.

Create Your Own Crystal Essence

Most crystal essences are made with tumbled stones. That is because polished stones are safer to use in water. They won't dissolve, released any harmful minerals into the water, or get damaged. You can read more about how crystal essences and elixirs are made via our Guide To Crystal Elixirs and Essences.

Fill Out Your Crystal Collection

tumbled crystals in crystal collection

While there are a ton of beautiful crystals in the world, of all shapes and sizes, a crystal collection just isn't complete without some tumbled stones. Many of your favorite crystal pieces and shapes like eggs and hearts started out as tumbled stones before being shaped further. Every crystal collection should have at least a few!

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