Grow Strong Crystal Energy Plant Spray


DESCRIPTION: This is our new Grow Strong Crystal Energy Plant Spray. If you have any type of indoor plants, this spray is for you! Just a couple of sprays per houseplant will leave them feeling and looking their best!

Included in this spray are the essences of several crystals that are known for their ability to nurture and encourage growth. Inside you’ll find the crystal essences of Moss Agate, Garden Quartz, Malachite, Green Calcite, Citrine, and Clear Quartz.

Moss Agate, known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture, promotes new growth. It increases the overall health of plants.

Garden Quartz contains natural earth elements giving the crystal both incredible Earth energy and grounding properties

Malachite is a growth crystal – a powerful conduit of nature’s constant renewal. It is a potent aid in nurturing.

Green Calcite brings Wood energy, the energy of growth, expansion, nourishment, and health.

Citrine brings the power of the sun. It supports the nutrient system and encourages proper metabolism.

Clear Quartz is excellent for amplifying the energies of other stones. They also bring warmth, strength, and vitality.

SOURCE: EarthSong Studios Alchemists

SIZE: 60 ml (2 oz)

PRIMARY USES: This crystal spray is used to encourage healthy growth and strength in your houseplants. To use, give the bottle a little shake. Then spray directly onto your houseplants. You can spray leaves and flowers directly to give them a little mist. You can also spritz the soil to encourage growth. We recommend using no more than once per day, per plant. You can also speak a positive affirmation when using this spray to encourage plant growth and overall health.

INGREDIENTS: Pure spring water and the crystal essences of Moss Agate, Garden Quartz, Malachite, Green Calcite, Citrine, and Clear Quartz.

All of our EarthSong products are eco-friendly and never tested on animals. The bottle, label, and spray head are all recyclable. Each spray is made to order to guarantee freshness and potency. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.

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