Learn How to Capture Your Dreams with Fluorite

The Path of Dreams

Fluorite is a useful stone used in a variety of healing regimens. While Fluorite is known to help improve dreaming and remove negativity and nightmares, it has another little known use.

Fluorite has more of an influence over dreams than more know… it can be used to capture dreams. Knowing this fact makes a unique form of Path Walking possible. It is called the Path of Dreams.

Place 3 or 4 pieces of Fluorite under your pillow before bed for a night or two. Each will capture a dream. Next, during the evening find a place where you will not be disturbed. Get a picture of a tarot card or an actual tarot card. It does not matter which one. We find that using your favorite or the one that stands out to you most works best.

Now put the 3 or 4 Fluorite in your left hand and sit comfortably. Look at the Tarot card and imagine that you are shrinking down in size so that you could step into the card. Imagine there is a path just off to the right side of the image in the card that you cannot see until you step through into the card.

Now when you are ready, imagine you get small enough and can step into the card. You will immediately see the path to your right. You are to walk that path in your mind and see where it goes. It may go into the woods, or cross a desert, or go almost anywhere.

Along the way, you will find characters, maybe talking trees, or animals that may seem to have something to say to you. You will see strange sights.
You will end up somewhere. It might be a castle or a clearing in a forest. There something will happen. You will find yourself in a situation where you need a gift. You are to give your dream Fluorite crystals as the gift. I do not know why you will need a gift, but you will. Perhaps to see a rare sight or to open a door. You may need more than one gift on your walk. When you do give a gift, take one of the Fluorite from your hand and set it on a table nearby. Leave it there.

Though not required, adding a Fluorite Pyramid next to your bed and while you do your path of dreams work can greatly help augment the energy. Pyramid shapes are very powerful conduits of energy.

Once you have visited whatever you visit and have used your gifts, return along the path to the entry and exit the card. The process usually takes about 10 minutes. It gets longer with practice. (Your imagination needs exercise too.)

You have visited places and seen sights conjured up by your subconscious. You have given gifts of your dreams to the Universe.

When you have returned from your path walk, leave the Fluorite where you put them. You may or may not have been given gifts in return. Usually not. But the Universe will stay in balance over time. Over the next few days be watchful for gifts from the Universe in exchange for yours. I cannot predict in what form they will appear. But fortune will smile back.

After a few days, you can retrieve your Fluorite. You will notice they may appear a bit dull. The dreams have been passed on. You are free to use them again on another Path of Dreams.

You may well find you make this a weekly event. The paths will get brighter and more interesting. The places you visit will become more animated. Your subconscious has a lot to tell you. Enjoy.

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