Increase Confidence with Crystals, Meditation, and Yoga

increase confidence with crystals

Did you know, among the many things crystals and meditation can bring you, it can also help increase your confidence? Guided meditation, crystals, yoga, and/or affirmation (or all of them) can all assist you in your efforts to regain or establish your confidence! Here we will discuss how you can increase your confidence with crystals, meditation, and yoga.


It is hard to get through life without confidence in yourself. A lack of confidence can affect your career, friendships, self-worth, and love life.

Losing confidence in ourselves or our abilities may come after a loss of a relationship or a job, or even be instilled from childhood trauma.

While it is important to grow your confidence in organic ways such as self-help exercises, seeking out counseling, or trying positive affirmations, crystals can help support you along the right path to boosting your confidence to where it should be.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The chakra that is most attached to our confidence is the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Solar Plexus is the energy distribution center, the first of the chakras of relationships. This chakra is located between the ribcage and the belly button. It controls the immune system and digestive systems. When in balance physically you have the strength to fight infections, are free of allergic reactions, and are able to use the nutrients you ingest.

When it is out of balance physically you will have a low tolerance to infection, suffer from hormone disorders, or have a low tolerance for many foods.

Spiritually, when the solar plexus is in balance you are free to interpret the world through your own thoughts and emotions and not live in fear of violating the dictums of others.

When the solar plexus is out of balance spiritually you will feel fear: fear of the displeasure of others, and disappointing others, or fear of subordinating your life and pleasures to the will of others.

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Increase Confidence with Chakra Healing

Yellow or gold crystals are helpful in restoring balance to the Solar Plexus Chakra. The benefits of just a few minutes a day with one of these crystals resting on the chakra location are substantial. Do this in bright sunlight if possible.

Here’s a quick three-step visualization exercise that you can do to instantly feel more confident when you’re struggling with a decision or difficult situation.

1. Be present.

Stop what you’re doing and take a couple of minutes to really feel yourself in your body. Notice your breath and slow it down. See the details around you. Pay attention to any feelings and emotions that you are experiencing.

2. Connect with your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is the third Chakra located in your abdomen, above your belly button. It is the energy center responsible for personal power, self-esteem, and confidence.

Place your hands over your stomach. Imagine your Solar Plexus Chakra as a ball of yellow light glowing in your abdomen. With each breath, imagine yellow light entering your body and going straight to this area, making it glow even brighter. As your Solar Plexus begins to radiate, your confidence and personal power will become stronger.

Now imagine the yellow light from your Solar Plexus begins to spread throughout your body. Every muscle and every cell is being wrapped in this warm, glowing yellow light. Feel yourself becoming more and more empowered.

3. Connect with your desired result.

Now imagine making that big decision or taking the action that you would like to take. Imagine yourself acting and speaking with confidence and self-assurance. Imagine the positive result that comes from taking this action. Hold this moment and focus on really feeling the emotions in your body.

Slowly, bring your awareness back to the present moment. Take a few deep breaths, wiggle your fingers and toes, and slowly open your eyes.

Increase Confidence with Yoga

Keep yellow crystals or gold crystals nearby while you perform these yoga poses to increase your confidence.

Warrior II

warrior 2

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) can be done by almost anyone. However, don't let its simplicity fool you. This pose is aptly named the warrior because it makes you feel very steady, strong, and confident.

Really step into this pose with strength and confidence. Plant your feet strong into the ground and lean in.

Feel the steadiness of the ground rise into your limbs and move through your body.

Warrior III

warrior 3

Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III) is more difficult than its predecessor. It has a mixture of core strength, leg strength, and balance. Keep your breathing even and steady as you stare ahead at a focal point. Feel strong and powerful like a warrior.

During Warrior III, keep both legs strong and taut. Both need strength to hold the other in place.

For beginners, keep your arms at your side or in a praying position at your chest. More advanced yoga practitioners can spread the arms out across, like wings, extended across the body.

Half Moon Pose

half moon pose

The Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) is a more advanced pose. This yoga pose might seem intimidating. However, it's important to squash self-doubt and believe that you can do it!

Work on it as you need and take your time to get there. Challenge yourself but don't push yourself. You'll find this pose brings a ton of self-confidence when you can achieve it.

Keep both legs strong and pull power from the ground up. Your extended leg should be just as strong and straight as your supporting leg. Beginners may want to use a yoga block or chair to lean on starting out.

Forearm Plank

forearm plank

The Forearm Plank (Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana) is a wonderful yoga pose to build your core strength. While it comes across as a simple pose, it works quickly to ignite your fire center. You'll likely be feeling the heat after just a few moments.

This yoga pose targets your Solar Plexus Chakra; the energy center that's related to your determination, willpower, and self-esteem. Therefore, it's important to step up to the challenge and resist giving up after only a few seconds. Hold this position for as long as you're able to.

During the Forearm Plank, make sure your shoulders are directly over your elbows. You're creating a smooth line from your head to your toes. Pull your belly button in and up towards your back. You don't want any sagging of your lower back for proper form.

Chair Pose

chair pose

The Chair Pose (Utkatasana) is also known as Fierce Pose. This is another yoga pose that demands you take up space.

You sink down lower into the ground, really connecting your lower half with the Earth, while the arms extend out completely towards the sky.

Grounding yourself while extending your arms makes you feel big, intimidating, and very powerful. You are sure to feel more confident after you practice it. You should put a chair below you if you're a beginner.

Pretend to sit down and hold your position before reaching out toward the sky. Hold this pose as long as you comfortably can.

Increase Confidence with Affirmations

While holding a yellow crystal or gold crystal (see recommendations below) in your hands, speak the below affirmations aloud. You can rotate through them or pick your favorite and repeat it as many times as you need. Eventually, you will believe it.

  1. I love myself.
  2. I believe in myself.
  3. I am capable of achieving my goal!
  4. I am the star, it's about time I shine.
  5. It's my life, it's now or never.
  6. I feel great.
  7. Today will be an awesome day!
  8. It's my time!
  9. Don’t panic, everything will be okay.
  10. I am the king/queen of my own universe.

Increase Confidence with Crystals

To increase confidence, crystals can be a great tool to have in your arsenal! Crystals such as Citrine, Tiger's Eye, and Rhodonite are all known to help nurture feelings of self-worth and personal power.

To get the most out of these stones, try meditating with them, wearing them as jewelry, or keeping them in your pocket or on your desk.

Visualizing the energy from the crystals surrounding you can also be beneficial. As you work with the crystals, remember to be kind to yourself and believe in your unique gifts and talents.

Below is a list of crystals known to increase your self-love, confidence, self-esteem, and personal power.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a powerful gemstone that has been used for centuries to bring courage and strength to its wearer. Its golden color is said to bring power and luck, while its grounding energy can help you feel more confident in difficult situations.

It is a great tool to use when you need a little extra help to face challenging tasks and to help build self-esteem. It is also believed to bring clarity to the mind, allowing you to make better decisions and take more decisive action.

Consider carrying a piece of tiger's eye with you to help bring about the inner strength and confidence you need.


Pyrite is a great tool for gaining confidence. It is known to help boost self-esteem and courage. It is often used as a talisman in many cultures.

Pyrite is believed to help you take action and make positive changes in your life while calming your mind and allowing you to think more clearly. Additionally, its reflective surface can help you to look within and gain insight into the areas of your life that need attention.

This crystal is a powerful tool for building courage, self-esteem, and confidence, so give it a try and see how it works for you!


Many people believe that using Citrine can help boost confidence levels, as it is believed to be a powerful crystal that can help bring positive energy, clarity, and inner strength.

To use Citrine for confidence, start by meditating with the crystal in your hands, trying to focus your energies on the positive feelings it brings. You can also try wearing a piece of citrine jewelry, keeping it close to your heart and feeling its energy every time you look at it.

It's also believed that placing citrine in your home can help bring in positive energy and help you feel more confident. Lastly, you can try carrying a piece of Citrine with you, to remind you of your inner strength and boost your confidence throughout the day.


Using Lepidolite for confidence is a great idea! Lepidolite is a type of mica mineral that is known to be a great aid in calming the mind and promoting feelings of self-confidence.

It is often used in meditation, crystal healing, and other spiritual practices to bring peace and contentment. It can also be used to help boost self-esteem, promote positive thoughts, and help you to feel more secure in yourself.

Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. Then, hold the stone in your hand and focus on the positive energy it emits. Visualize yourself being successful and confident and try to maintain that feeling as long as possible.

Silver Banded Agate

Silver Banded Agate is a powerful crystal that can be used to bring positive energy and help boost confidence.

Hold the Silver Banded Agate in your hand. Visualize the stone radiating confidence, strength, and courage, and feel these qualities entering your body and your mind.

You can also place Silver Banded Agate around your home or workspace to keep the energy of confidence and positivity going.

It promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one’s own truth. Silver Banded Agate overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over.


Carnelian is a great stone to use when you need a boost of confidence. It helps to restore courage, increase self-esteem, and calm fear.

It can be used as a talisman or worn as jewelry to keep its energy close to you. You can also try carrying a small piece of Carnelian with you, or placing it in a pocket or purse. You can also meditate with Carnelian to help bring feelings of confidence and courage.

Carnelian is said to be a powerful stone for motivation and creativity, which can help to bring out the best version of yourself, thus leading to an increase in self-confidence.


Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone that is said to promote inner peace, confidence, and emotional balance. It has long been used in various cultures as a talisman to bring luck, success, and courage.

To use Moonstone to boost your confidence, you can wear it as jewelry, keep it in your pocket, or simply keep it in your home. You can also practice meditation with Moonstone to help clear your mind and open your heart to new possibilities.

Moonstone crystals are believed to have powerful metaphysical properties that can increase your self-confidence.

Moonstone can help to bring out your intuition, femininity, and inner strength, which can help to boost your self-confidence and increase your sense of worth.

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