A Morning Ritual to Assist with the Holidays

Do you sometimes have a hard time getting your day started? It may not be every day but sometimes you just wake up feeling rundown or maybe still just groggy and sleepy. Now add the crazy busy holiday season into the mix. There’s shopping to do, food to prepare and cook, lights to hang, decorations to place, and you have to find the time to spend with family and friends for gatherings all on top of your regular working hours.

The financial burden and stress placed on us during this special period can cause us to become physically and emotionally depleted. That’s the exact opposite of what the season is for. Our spirits should be merry and bright.

Starting your day off right builds a strong foundation for the rest of your day. The more energy you put into your own health, the more energy you have to contribute to others. This morning ritual will assist you with the holidays.


The first step is to ensure you get a great night’s sleep. You can do this by placing Fluorite, Green Calcite, or Howlite under your pillow or on your nightstand to aid in relaxation, calm the mind, reduce thinking, and help you prepare for sleep. Other ways to assist your sleep are by using lavender essential oils and drinking chamomile tea before bed. With a great night's sleep, you will be able to start your morning ritual to assist you through the holidays off right.

Crystal Tea

The next step is to include a crystal tea or add a crystal essence/elixir to your coffee in your morning routine. We highly recommend our Peridot, Prehnite, and Quartz Tea for Awakening Your Life or Pyrite, Orange Calcite, and Violet Sapphire Tea for Youthful Joy in the Chai tea flavor. Some recommended essences/elixirs are Bloodstone for good health, Clear Quartz to amplify for your intention, and crystal elixir for Serenity.


The following step is to include a morning mantra or set your intention. As you are getting ready for the day, focus on the task at hand and think about the type of day you want to experience. You can take a second between tasks to speak out loud a mantra such as, “I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly” or “I choose uplifting, supportive encounters. I have the power to remove myself from any negative situations.” If that’s not your speed, you can talk to yourself like a beloved friend to help hype you up for the day. Generally, will be something like this, “Good morning! I’m glad you slept well. We’re going to have an amazing day. You are powerful, capable, intelligent, and loved.”


An optional step is meditating for five minutes with crystals before you officially start your day apart from getting ready. Find a comfy spot and a crystal you believe will help the most and just clear your mind.

Additional Assistance

Remember to breathe and take some time for yourself. You are not alone in these endeavors. The holidays won’t be ruined if you burnt some cookies, or your gingerbread house fell apart. Your loved ones won’t care about how much money you put into your gifts because it is the thought that counts. Enjoy the presence of those around you and most importantly enjoy yourself.

Happy Holidays!

the crystal vaults team

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