Good Luck Guidance Grid

We have a very unique crystal grid for you. Unlike most traditional grids, this one extends outside of the use of sacred geometry for grid building. That is because unique times call for unique methods! This is a Good Luck & Guidance grid. It is built from the ancient Viking symbol called Vegvisir. In Icelandic, this translates to, “That Which Shows the Way”. This ancient symbol has been used for guidance, good luck, good fortune, and inner strength for centuries. It is believed that if this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way, even when the way is not known.

Surrounding the Vegvisir is another ancient symbol, the Celtic Tree of Life. The symbolism of the Celtic Tree of Life is ultimately about the forces of nature combining to create balance and harmony. The branches reach for the sky, the roots reach down into the ground. The Celts believed that the Tree of Life was a symbol of longevity, wisdom, and strength.

When combined, this crystal grid works to not only bring you good luck and good fortune, it helps to guide you in the right direction to gain even more wisdom, strength, and prosperity. The crystals you need to build the grid are a Smoky Quartz point, 4 Blue Dalmatian Stones, and 4 Kambaba Jaspers. You can read more about each of these crystals and how to assemble the grid below.

Assembling the Grid

Here is what you’ll need for the Good Luck & Guidance grid:


Grid Placement

We recommend setting up the grid somewhere where you spend most of your time. This could be in your bedroom while you sleep or nearby at work or near the entranceway to your home (a popular location for grids that are meant to attract wealth).

Crystal Placement

At the center of the grid, you will see an F in a circle, this is for the placement of your Focus Stone. Your Focus Stone is a Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz is known as a stone of power. It is said to absorb and remove misfortune, sorrow, and seemingly impossible obstacles. For our grid purposes, it also brings assistance in reaching personal and business goals as well as manifesting dreams and ideas into reality. Place your Smoky Quartz Point over the F circle while thinking about your current dreams and desires. That could be good luck, more money, a job promotion, etc.

Around the grid on the outer spokes, you will see four circles with a W in them, these are for your Way Stones. In traditional grids, your Way Stones connect directly to the Desire Stones extending further outside them. In this grid, your Way Stones and Desire Stones are still connected through the Vegvisir. However, they are placed in a circle to represent the unbreaking bond and flow of your desires within the grid.


Your Way Stones here are Dalmatian Stones (any color). The determination within Dalmatian Stone encourages one to carefully think over plans for any project, reflecting on every phase of development, and then to translate the ideas into actuality with enthusiasm and vigor. It is an excellent talisman for the early stages of setting up a business or solo venture. As you place each of the 4 Dalmatian Stones, think about the steps needed to reach your current goal. If you’re unsure of those steps (for things like good luck or fortune), just imagine yourself winning money or stumbling upon other good fortunes.


Finally, the four circles with a D in them are for your Desire Stones. Here your desire stones are 4 Green Jaspers such as Green Hair Jasper or Kambaba Jasper. Bloodstones (a type of Jasper) can also be used. Kambaba Jasper is often used to increase money flow and prosperity in one’s life. Kambaba Jasper is a stone of spiritual confidence, drawing upon the wisdom of ancestral energies held within its crystal layers to align the inner peace inherent in one’s nature. It encourages happiness and activates the ability to attract prosperity and abundance to one’s life. While you place the final four crystals, imagine yourself achieving all of the things you wish for.

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