Revitalization w/ Angels & Crystals

Revitalization with Angels & Crystals

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Taking the time out of your busy schedule to relax and find center is an important responsibility. If thrown aside, the body, mind, and soul can wear down and become frail and tired. How you choose to revitalize yourself will be a personal preference. It can take some effort and time to get used to. Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual care, your Angels are always near to help and guide you down this path of peace and healing to revitalization.


Rachiel is an Angel of Friday, Energy, and Enjoyment. This Angel can help you find enjoyment in your life to take the stress off. They can provide you with the necessary energy to enjoy extracurricular activities in your down time. As an Angel of Friday, Rachiel will help anyone born or asking for help on this day. Spring and May are also good times to reach out to them. . Use pink items and candles in your space during your session to attract them.


Ustael is an Angel of Sunday, Energy, and Abundance. When you are in need of energy to help you accomplish your goals or tasks, this Angel can help provide it to you. This can also bring abundance to your life as a result of accomplishment. Ustael is found in the Fourth Heaven.  As an Angel of Sunday,  they will help anyone born on or asking for help on this day. Winter and February are other good times to ask them for guidance.  Amethyst items and candles will be best to use in your session with this Angel.


amethyst point from crystal vaultsAriel is an Angel of Healing, Contentment, and Happiness. When you are feeling extra stressed or lost, this Angel will help bring you back down to Earth. They can provide any type of healing you need to revitalize you. In this, you will begin to feel at ease, content and happy. Ariel is also the 46th Angel of the 72-parts of the name of God. Winter, March, and Monday are the best times to seek his help. Use Amethyst crystals in your daily routine to bring their guidance to you.


Amnediel is an Angel of Love, Peace, and Happiness. When life gets tough, this Angel can help teach you the necessary lessons. They can bring you peace and happiness and show you that you need to live a life full of love. Amnediel is best reached during summer, June, and Monday. Use Moonstone regularly to help to attract them to your life. Yellow crystals such as citrine and yellow candles will work best during your sessions and around your environment.


Curaniel is an Angel of Monday, The Mind, and Peace. This Angel can provide peace in your heart and peace in your mind. This will ultimately make your lie much more enjoyable and less stressful. Curaniel is also found in the First Heaven. As an Angel of Monday, they will help anyone born on or asking for help on this day. Summer and July are also good times to contact him. Ruby will be your best option to use as an attraction crystal for Curaniel.

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