Enhancing Rune Energy with Crystals

Enhancing Rune Energy with Crystals

Each of the ancient runes is associated with a particular crystal that can enhance its energy. This is especially helpful if you like to wear or carry specific runes. You can leave a cleansed and charged crystal next to or in a bag with a rune overnight to give its properties an added boost. This can also be beneficial for the crystal as well for use in crystal healing. They work together cohesively to share and build positive healing energy to assist you throughout your daily life. Learn more about enhancing rune energy with crystals now!

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You can also purchase rune sets made from crystals. It’s most common you will find a complete Rose Quartz set or some other particular crystal. In these cases, the sets are used for specific purposes.

Since Rose Quartz is the crystal of love, for example, it is great for divination in matters of the heart and emotional issues.

However, a crystal rune set made from Aventurine, a stone of prosperity and luck, would be great for readings that have to do with finances.

"You become equipped with a powerful tool that greatly enhances your Rune work..."

Author Karl Hans Welz believes that a set where each rune matches its crystal is best. As he says,

"For the most effective work with crystals in Rune Magic, you need a set of crystals, which are the most productive with Runes. Such a set has the Runes engraved on crystals that are specifically selected for the Rune concerned, and several other crystals that serve as focal crystals and transmitters. Such a set of specially prepared crystals is not cheap, but it is worth the investment. You become equipped with a powerful tool that greatly enhances your Rune work in healing, charka development, spiritual insights, and wherever strong surges of controlled energy arc required."

Using Clear Quartz with Runes

Crystals can also be used alongside standard runes in divination. One of the purest vibrations you can find is in Clear Quartz crystals.

Resonating at the level of an individual's needs, Clear Quartz also amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it, and continues to broadcast that energy throughout the world and into the etheric realms.

This may accelerate the fulfillment of one's prayers, intensify healing or spiritual growth, or simply allow the crystal to hold a pattern of energy long enough and strongly enough for the manifestation of a goal to occur.

This makes Clear Quartz perfect for charging all of the runes and blessing them with some of your own energy.

Enhancing Rune Energy with Crystals

The best way to do this is by starting with a cleansed and charged Clear Quartz.

Sit with the crystal in your hands for at least 5 to 10 minutes during a meditation session. Focus on moving your personal energy into the crystalline structure. If you plan on using the divination for a specific question, feel free to also focus on this question and repeat it in your mind throughout your session.

Place the crystal inside the container or bag with the runes. Leave it there for at least 20 minutes, but 24 hours is preferred. Remove the crystal and cast your runes in the spread of your choice or one that fits with your overall needs.

Alternatively, you can pull one rune from the bag for your first answer. Use the chart below to find the associated crystal. Place that rune to the side and put the chosen crystal into the bag with the other runes. Wait a few seconds before pulling out your second rune.

This should offer a further and deeper clarification of the first answer. This method works well with a Three Rune Spread for Past, Present, and Future.

The first crystal, which will represent your past, helps determine the rune chosen for your present. While the second crystal, your present, will assist in divining your future.

The Crystal for Each Rune

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Crystals and the Runes by Karl Hans Welz

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