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Crystals to Improve Dream Recall & Reduce Nightmares

Dreams are one of the most researched yet still misunderstood phenomenons that we all experience. Since the dawn of time, people have had dreams and tried to understand and interpret their meanings. Due to the stress of modern life and getting less sleep, many of us experience fewer vivid dreams. Then when we do have dreams, it can be a trying process to try and remember any of them.

Thankfully, there are all-natural ways to help increase your rate of dreaming and memory of them. Keep reading below and we'll tell you the crystals to improve dream recall and reduce nightmares.

Our dreams can be an invaluable tool for us. They provide insight into our deep subconscious, true desires, and emotions. That's why being able to dream more vividly and then recall said dreams are so important for our development. Understanding what your dreams are trying to tell you can allow you access to your inner self and assist you in finding resolutions to your problems.

When it comes to crystals to improve dream recall there is nothing better than Stichtite. This crystal is the ultimate dream stone as it not only helps you remember your dreams, but it also assists you in having deeper, vivid, and more meaningful dreams. The dark almost black color represents the night and mystery while the swirls of bright violet bring us the energy of intuition, insight, and powerful dreams.
How to Use Stichtite & a Journal to Improve Dream Recall

Items needed:

One Large Stichtite Stone or Several Smaller Tumbled Stichtite Stones

Journal and pen/pencil


1. Place the Stichtite(s) under your pillow at night to capture the dream essence.
2. Upon awakening, keep your eyes closed and think about any dream fragments you may remember while reaching under your pillow for the stones.
3. Place the Stichtite over your forehead with your eyes closed. If you have several Stichtite, also hold one in your hand(s) for several minutes until the dream reenters your mind.
4. Write down every detail you remember in the best order you can. No detail is too big or too small.
5. In a few hours or later in the day, hold the crystal(s) again and reread what you wrote. While you still may not be able to understand the entire dream, some areas should be clearer.
You will also notice things like a part of your dream you thought you understood but now has a different meaning.
6. Practice helps. The more you do this the easier it will be to remember your dreams and understand them.
7. Also, it can be a great dream catcher stone. Use it in Dream-catcher designs. A few on each side of your bed has been known to help with peaceful sleep and dreams.


Crystals for Nightmares

fluorite palm stone


If you're having nightmares, it can be a very scary time to go to sleep. Unfortunately, nightmares can still be important to interpret. By using a crystal such as Fluorite, you can help reduce the severity of nightmares or banish them altogether. Violet Fluorite can help ward off negativity while bringing a peaceful, relaxing, and invigorating sleep. If you're dealing with any sort of nightmares or night terrors, we recommend adding a Violet Fluorite to crystals underneath your pillow or place it on your nightstand near your bed. Before going to sleep, rub the Fluorite Worry Stone several times in a clockwise motion.

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