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Creating a Feng Shui Crystal Wealth Bowl

The Feng Shui Crystal Wealth Bowl is a way we bring the Universal Life Force to our needs. We use grids extensively, but there are other avenues and the Feng Shui Desire Fulfillment Bowls are very effective. This bowl is designed to bring both financial and spiritual wealth to you.

Please note, it is your life and your bowl. So take these instructions as a starting point. When you feel something different is needed, follow your gut and believe that something else is needed. For example, my mother’s chocolate chip cookies are different from her mother’s… so make this YOUR WEALTH BOWL.

First, get a bowl. I suggest for the first one, use a bowl you have, except don’t use plastic and don’t use a shallow soup bowl. A cereal bowl works well. But do a little searching on the Internet and for your second version. Find a cool bowl that is “you”. It will be on display in your house so get one that matches your life and style. I personally use this bowl. However, some people like using a gold bowl instead.

Next, we need to fill the bottom of the bowl. We will use a filler material that will signify the foundation of our wealth. We highly suggest using Earth Energy materials like natural stones. You can use other things like beautiful artistic glass beads, and that might be the basis of your wealth. Use something that represents the basic strengths of you and your ideas. Some people use wood or carvings they make. Maybe you are a gardener, and some small pebbles from your garden will be good. My personal favorite is Tiger’s Eye chips. Though another great option is Ruby in Fuchsite chips, In ancient times it was believed that as long as one retains a bit of Ruby, wealth will never depart.

Next, we want to bring the energy of the crystal kingdom to the bowl. We use Pyrite. We like to use Pyrite on matrix for its extra Earth Energy. While Pyrite is an Earth element, it also resonates with Fire energy, symbolizing the warmth and lasting presence of the sun and the ability to generate wealth by one’s own power. Its golden color and reflectiveness allow it to serve as a mirror to our true financial situation. It is a crystal that is used to enhance your financial wellbeing. While many aspects of the Feng Shui Crystal Wealth Bowl are flexible, the Pyrite is an essential piece.

Now we can augment this with a bit of creative license. We are going to add some gold-painted rocks and pebbles. They are just “window dressing” but they are attractive and they bring our creative talents to the bowl. You can paint them simply or put designs on some of them. You can make them look like painted Easter eggs, or plain. The rocks can be any size, but smaller tumbled ones are easier to paint. You can make some silver too. Make it look like a little treasure chest with the Pyrite in the middle.

Now we need some spiritual help. We have used Buddha since our Feng Shui sensei recommended his help. But you can use any spiritual influence here. We also use a small gem tree to represent the tree of life if you have no Buddha or other spiritual items. The Buddha represents the joy that will grow from your accumulating prosperity while the gem tree represents the roots and growth of accumulating wealth.

Next add something shiny, gold, or silver in color and personal. It does not have to be expensive. The bowl will be on display so don’t put valuable items in it. An old cufflink or hair ribbon works.

Now, it probably needs something else. Maybe some spice or herbs. Maybe a picture of a desire. Whatever it needs, add it now.

Next place the bowl in the Wealth and Prosperity part of your house or main room. The Feng Shui Bagua tells us that is where it goes. But don’t leave it there. From time to time move it to a location near the front entrance of your house or the main room. Place it next to a flower in a bowl of water or a small fountain to bring the flowing water energy to your efforts.

Rearrange the bowl as often as you wish. The attraction of wealth requires experimentation and a willingness to change. So make the bowl an active part of your quest, not a static display. Change things out and move them around.

The Feng Shui Wealth Bowl will bring powerful energy to you and focus the Universal Life Force on your desire for wealth and prosperity.

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