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Agate Geodes – Caves of Wonder

Good morning, Hank here. We have a number of new listings for Agate Geodes. I must confess to these being some of my favorite crystals. The reason is that each is different and they are little magic caves of wonder. The geodes look like normal rocks on the outside, but inside they hold a treasure of crystals. Each is different, and each just seems magical to me,

if you would like a big of wonder in your life, and you could use a few minutes of peace and relaxation and an escape from the real world, consider getting an Agate Geode or two. You might also get a magnifying glass. It is not necessary but it adds a lot to the experience.

Using a geode is simple. You find a comfortable chair. You settle in maybe with hot chocolate if it is cold outside or lemonade if it is hot. You put your feet up. You play some soothing music, Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade is perfect. You can find it on Amazon Music or YouTube.

Take your geode in hand. Now imagine you are a cave explorer but very small. Maybe use your magnifying glass. Now start exploring the geode, looking at every small crystal with a sense of wonder. See how each is different. Go around the geode or just move randomly. Check each crystal and see what story it has. Take your time. Use your imagination. Explore. Let your mind wander. Just explore the beauty and the story of the many crystals and formations in the geode. There is no hurry.

From time to time set the geode down and just close your eyes. Imagine what may be deeper in the cave. Monsters? Treasure? Exotic animals? When you are ready, open your eyes and continue exploring.

You will find that even a few minutes of this exercise will be quite relaxing, refreshing, and revitalizing. And.. a different geode brings different adventures. Enjoy.

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