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A Crystal Journey for Creativity

The pure power of today’s crystal is virtually hard to believe. If you are a leader, a parent, an executive, club leader, church choir director, or have any job or desire that needs others to follow your guidance and advice we have the crystal with the energy you need.

If you think really amazing crystals have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars we have the crystal for you.

If you are concerned about ethical mining and paying Indigent people a fair wage we have the crystal that will soothe your conscious.

The Shangaan tribe of South Africa has discovered a rare trove of elestial Amethyst. The trade with them is carefully managed in a highly ethical manner. These crystals were shared as part of an agreement. The elders of this region have asked that these crystals be shared to raise awareness about the communal lands in Zimbabwe and the tribal people that live there in peace.

The elestial Amethysts are their special ones. Elestial crystals have many natural terminations and folds over a multi-layered crystal. It appears to be wrinkled and even feels that way, too. This is young quartz and is usually smoky in appearance, seemingly burnt by fire. Elestials bring the most Yin power of all Quartz crystals. They are the matriarch stone, the Queen Stone, and the symbol of feminine dominion.

Elestials are not transparent. They are not easy to categorize. They are not elongated, they have many points and present a confusing, often conflicting appearance – representing and depicting the feminine powers of the Universal Life Force. These crystals are best used as personal talismans for women who are building self-confidence, and personal power. If you are starting a business, starting a career, or have a new leadership position, Elestial Quartz will focus and amplify your natural leadership abilities. Keep it with you always, but never let it be seen. This is not a soothing, serene healing stone. It will not heal anything. It is a feminine power stone of dominion and leadership.

To complement this very feminine Yin power we suggest the use of two additional crystals. Often the need for feminine power is accompanied by the need to deal with stress. Fluorite is one of the most calming stones we know. A few tumbled stones held for just a few minutes several times a day works wonders to soothe a stressful situation

With the feminine leadership energy of the Elestial Amethyst, we find that the self-confidence to use it can be a problem. For this, we use Sunset Sodalite. These stones are full of vibrant energy and are extremely beautiful. The orange streaks throughout these stones are feldspar and are all-natural. The combination of sodalite and feldspar enhances brain stimulation, communication skills, and increases confidence.

To use these crystals and stones to improve your leadership and Influence and have people respond favorably to your ideas and suggestions, we find the following helps:

1. Cleanse the stones in natural spring water each week. Allow them to air dry

2. Place them in an artful arrangement in a sacred place a few hours a week

3. When you need them, put them all in a pouch or small bag and carry them to a meeting or discussion you wish to be effective.

4. Do not let anyone handle or see them.

5. Occasionally put them in the moonlight for a night. perhaps once a month. The full moon is best.

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