Traditional Birthstones

Historical and Modern Listing of Birthstones


While there are many historical lists of birthstones, the following table provides the two most common list. The center column give the historical list based on the Bible. The second is the more familiar, and currently used list. It was formalized in 1952. by the US Jewelry Industry Council. It is not based on the natural cycle of life on this planet, It is somewhat based on tradition, but only loosely.








JANUARY Jacinth Garnet
FEBRUARY Amethyst Amethyst
MARCH Jasper Aquamarine or Bloodstone
APRIL Sapphire Diamond
MAY Chalcedony Emerald
JUNE Emerald Pearl, or Moonstone
JULY Sardonyx Ruby
AUGUST Sardius Peridot or Sardonyx
SEPTEMBER Chrysolite Sapphire
OCTOBER Beryl Opal
NOVEMBER Topaz Topaz
DECEMBER Chrysophrasus Turquoise

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