Solidifier Crystals – The Class VI Sulfates of Nature

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solidifier symbolThe Solidifiers are the class of minerals that include the sulfates, which are crystals that result from the action of sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is a very dense, very stable liquid. These are the most powerful crystals when the need is to solidify a relationship or a new habit. They are used to add permanence to anything that is temporary. All of the crystals from the Solidifier class share this ability to solidify and add permanence. These crystals are often used after the Transformers or Builders.

solid as a rockThe Solidifier crystals are particularly useful in efforts to stabilize a situation. For someone who has finally achieved a desired state, the use of a Solidifier will help him or her maintain that state. They are very useful for people who have dieted effectively and don’t want to regain weight. They are useful for people who have established a relationship and now want to make it permanent. If someone has finally gotten the fame, the fortune, or the relationship of his or her dreams, then a Solidifier should be used to ensure that the fame is not fleeting, that the fortune isn’t dissipated, or that the relationship doesn’t sour.

solid and timelessSolidifiers with the red, scarlet, and orange rays of influence such as crocoite, scheelite, and wulfenite are very useful in efforts to hold on to the joy, strength, and passion in our lives. The golden barite is excellent to help us hold on to our financial wealth or to hold on to our enthusiasm for a project. The pure white gypsum, or a crystalline mass of anhydrite, can be an excellent crystal to help us focus on keeping our freedom safe, and our hopes alive in times of difficulty.


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