Dendritic Herkimer Diamond Set


Description: A beautiful and natural Dendritic Herkimer Diamond Crystal  Set. It is well-formed and extremely energetic. This is a high-quality, excellent Herkimer Diamond from Herkimer County NY. It was purchased directly from the miner. Perfectly clear crystals with stunning geometric inner visuals.  You will receive the typical set shown. Sold in set of six.

Location:  Herkimer County NY.

Size:  Size of Herkimer’s ranges from 4-10 mm. The number of crystals in each set varies on the size of the stones. Sold in sets of six.

Primary Uses: Herkimer Diamonds are the high-energy seekers of the crystal world. They are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. They are powerful healing crystals and are used in meditation and in honoring the Goddess of the Winter Solstice, Read the table below for more details on these wonderful crystals.

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  • seeker transformerHerkimer Diamonds are Seeker Transformer Crystals.
    Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way
    to transform a part of ones life to a more desirable state.Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all quartz crystals.  Being doubly terminated, they have the ability to transmit and receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently.  The are reported to be harder than all other quartz giving them the strength, and durability to handle difficult challenges beyond the ability of other quartz crystals.Never large, these are the mini dynamos of the crystal world.  What they lack in physical size, they more than make up for in spirit energy.  They are often used to bring the Seeker crystal energy to other talismans that lack it such as opals, jet, amber, and other minerals that do not have a crystalline structure.Herkimer diamonds are also unusually transparent.  They are perfect conduits of the universal life force, and as such offer us virtually perfect spiritual compasses that can clearly point us towards our goals.
  • Diamonds are the traditional birthstone for those born in the month of April. While Herkimer Diamonds are quartz, not diamond, nevertheless, their brilliant, transparent diamond like beauty makes them well suited as an April birthstone, particularly for those that seek beauty without high cost.
  • Herkimer Diamonds are used in communications, and devotions to Angerona the Roman Goddess of the Winter Solstice. If you want to celebrate the constant renewal of life during the festive winter solstice and New Year, a Herkimer Diamond is just the gem you seek.
  • Herkimer Diamonds are “adjunct” helping crystals that serve to focus and amplify the Universal Life Force of other crystals. If you have a stubborn area that just doesn’t seem to respond to normal therapy, augment your crystals with a Herkimer Diamond. They seem to work particularly well with other crystals in re balancing energy in the the Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown chakras.
  • Herkimer Diamonds have a great use in Feng Shui. These little dynamos with their many facets are perfect as “energy dispersers” in any window. They take the light and energy from the sun and disperse it freely within the room. They sparkle like a prism, but being perfectly natural, they do not bring any artificiality to the natural energy flow.
  • Herkimer Diamonds are used in crystal meditation as a booster to other crystals. If you are using a particular meditation crystal and don’t seem to be having the effect you seek, try holding it in one hand and hold a Herkimer Diamond in the other. You are likely to find yourself in a deeper trance more quickly.
  • Other practitioners report that Herkimer Diamonds are quite powerful healing crystals that are particularly useful when several of them are used in a healing layout.