Custom Black Kyanite Broom Pendant


Custom Black Kyanite Broom Pendant

Genuine Black Kyanite Fan
• Handmade in USA
• Comes with a FREE Black Cord Necklace
• Stone ranges from .5 – 1 inch in length.
• Photo Displays the TYPICAL Pendant You Will Receive
Made to Order

Black Kyanite is known for its distinctive black color and unique blade-like crystal formations.

Metaphysical Properties: Black Kyanite possess grounding energy, shielding the wearer from negative influences, while its blade-like form symbolizes the ability to cut through energetic blockages, making it a popular choice for spiritual protection and energy clearing practices.

Associated Chakras: Root

Associated Zodiac Signs: Aries

• Grounding • Protection • Communication • Clearing • Stability • Clarity • Balance • Connection  • Empowerment  •

• To avoid breakage, pendants should be handled with care when worn, opened, and stored. The state of the jewelry might be affected by a variety of reasons. As a result, you should ensure that your jewelry is cleaned and maintained properly. Keep your jewelry away from water, chlorine, saunas, and other chemicals, including hairspray, perfume, oils, and lotions.

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This is a handcrafted item made by our COO, Jessica Bilyeu, and the Owner of Tiny Blossom Designs.