Custom Crystal Mystery Box


DESCRIPTION: There’s something magical about crystals, isn’t there? Well, get ready to unleash the magic with our custom mystery box filled with crystals!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our custom mystery box is the perfect way to expand your crystal collection. Hand-picked and curated just for you, our custom mystery box is the ultimate way to add some sparkle and mystery to your life. Discover the power of crystals and indulge in the excitement of the unknown with our custom mystery box.

Each box contains a variety of crystals, stones, and crystal-related products like clusters, palm stones, spheres, etc. The contents are labeled so when you go to explore your box, you will know what you have found.

Our team of crystal masters will intuitively choose each item with precision, ensuring that every item within the box perfectly aligns with you. We understand the powerful connection between crystals and the energy they bring to our lives, and we wanted to enhance that experience by creating a box filled with items that will help you tap into your inner magic.

Please Note: Mystery Boxes can contain just about anything you have seen at Crystal Vaults. All sales are final. No returns. No Point Redemption or Promotion Codes.

USES: Our mystery box is designed to cater to crystal lovers of all experience levels, whether you are just starting out or have been collecting for years. The carefully curated selection of crystals and surprises is sure to bring joy and wonder into your life.

Provide us with some information to curate your custom mystery box better (i.e., favorite color, favorite crystal types, desire or need you are trying to achieve, smaller or larger pieces, how many pieces you would like to see, your zodiac sign, okay with magical items or not, and etc.)

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Each mystery box is different and specifically curated to you and your tastes.

Inside our custom mystery box, you’ll find a unique selection of crystals that have been carefully chosen for their beauty and energy based on the information provided by you. Each crystal has been selected for its ability to bring positivity and enchantment into your life. Our selection includes both raw and polished stones, ensuring that you’ll receive a diverse and fascinating collection.