Crystal Information Card Set Expansion 2


Description: Crystal Information Card Set. There are 25 crystal cards. Each card contains metaphysical properties and images to help identify.  This set does not contain any duplicate crystals in other crystal card sets.

We have updated the font and font size to make them much easier to read.

Size: 2 x 3 1/2 inch cards (size of a business card)

Uses: This card set is used to provide easy information access to our most popular crystal types or displayed with your crystal collection. You can also use it as like a tarot deck where cards are spread out, your eyes are closed, ask the universe a question, and pick out a card. The card you pick should be the crystal you work with that day. If you don’t have all the crystals, set out what you do have and slowly add to your deck as you add more crystals to your collection.





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These cards provide on the go metaphysical information about our most popular crystal types. There are 25 crystal cards.

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