Libra Zodiac Crystal Bracelet Set


Description: Libra Zodiac Crystal Bracelet Set. A collection of gemstone bracelets designed to resonate with the balanced and diplomatic energy of the Libra zodiac sign. This enchanting set features three distinct bracelets, each carefully chosen to capture the essence of the charming and graceful qualities that define Libra.

Lepidolite – Lepidolite is known for its calming energy and association with emotional balance. It helps alleviate stress and anxiety and promotes inner peace. Lepidolite’s calming properties can aid Libra individuals in navigating emotional situations, fostering a sense of tranquility and balance in their lives.

Peridot – Peridot is associated with clarity, abundance, and balance. It promotes positive energy, healing, and harmony. Peridot’s balancing and harmonizing properties can be beneficial for Libra individuals, supporting their quest for balance, peace, and positive relationships.

Unicorn Stone – Unicorn stone is a combination of Lepidolite, Pink Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Clevelandite. This combination fosters tranquility, optimism, and an open-hearted approach, providing Libra individuals with support in facing the world with clarity and serenity. It also resonates with Libra’s aspirations for harmony, love, emotional balance, and optimistic understanding in relationships and life.

Size: 4 mm bead. Diameter approximately 2.5 inches. 925 Sterling Silver 9 x 7mm charm. Made with elastic string.


  • Three bracelets designed for stackable wear.
  • Genuine gemstones – Lepidolite, Peridot, and Unicorn Stone – chosen for their unique properties.
  • Versatile enough to be worn individually or stacked for a bold statement. Mix and match with other zodiac sign sets!

Primary Uses: By incorporating the Libra Zodiac Crystal Bracelet Set into your daily attire, you can benefit from the combined energies of these carefully selected stones, promoting balance, charm, and the spirit characteristic of the Libra zodiac sign.

Mix and match our Zodiac Bracelet Sets to create a unique and heartfelt representation of your loved ones. Each set is designed to capture the essence of a specific zodiac sign, allowing you to curate a personalized collection that resonates with the individuality of each person in your life.

Surprise the Libra in your life with this beautiful bracelet set. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, this stackable trio is a meaningful and stylish way to celebrate the energy of Libra.

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About Libra

Libra is the only sign represented by an inanimate object; the other signs have animals or humans representing them. The symbol that represents Libra is the scales of balance, also known as a balance beam.

Libras are obsessed with symmetry and seek to achieve balance in all aspects of life. They are constantly seeking fairness and justice. With their charisma, intelligence, sincerity, and ability to connect seamlessly with others, Libras are well-equipped to attain peace and harmony. They are incredibly skilled in coming up with compromises and mediating situations. You can say they are masters of compromise and seeing all sides of a case. Sometimes Libras can be seen as indecisive. However, they enjoy comparing the best solutions for themselves and those around them. Weighing all options can cause Libras to overthink.

A traditional stone for those born under the zodiac sign Libra is Opal. Another stone for those born under the zodiac sign Libra is Peridot.

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