Holiday Blessings Simmer Pot Spell


Description: Transform your home into a haven of holiday magic with our exclusive Holiday Blessings Simmer Pot Spell Kit. This enchanting kit brings together a carefully curated selection of magical ingredients, each chosen for its unique properties to infuse your space with warmth, joy, and positive energy.

What’s Inside:

  • Cinnamon Sticks (Warmth and Abundance): These aromatic sticks radiate a comforting warmth, inviting abundance and prosperity into your home during the holiday season.
  • Orange Slices (Joy and Positive Energy): The vibrant citrus slices bring joy and positive energy, filling your space with the uplifting essence of holiday cheer.
  • Elderberries (Prosperity and Protection): Tiny yet powerful, elderberries symbolize prosperity and offer protective energy, ensuring your home is surrounded by positive vibes.
  • Star Anise (Magic and Spiritual Insight): Add a touch of magic to your space with star anise, enhancing spiritual insight and infusing your surroundings with a mystical aura.
  • Whole Cloves (Love and Good Fortune): These cloves attract love and good fortune, creating an atmosphere of love and positivity throughout the holiday season.
  • Rosemary (Peace and Purification): Rosemary brings peace and purification, elevating the energy of your home and creating a serene holiday environment.
  • Hibiscus (Divine Blessings and Transformation): Hibiscus, known for its transformative properties, is included to invite divine blessings and encourage positive transformations.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Our detailed instructions guide you through the enchanting process, ensuring that you can easily create a magical simmer pot to bless your home.

Elevate your simmer pot’s power by adding a few drops of our specially crafted Holiday Spirit Elixir, infused with the energies of healing crystals. This limited-edition crystal elixir is specially designed to promote happiness, joy, imagination, and spirituality to enhance your holiday spirit this season.

You will receive the typical item shown.

Size: 3 oz.

How to Use:

  1. Follow the instructions provided, adding each ingredient to your pot with focused intention.
  2. Add a few drops of the Holiday Spirit Elixir to infuse the power of healing crystals into your simmer pot (optional).
  3. Chant the included spell to invoke the energies of warmth, joy, prosperity, and magic.
  4. Allow the simmer pot to gently release its aromatic blessings, creating an ambiance of holiday magic in your home.
  5. Keep the pot simmering throughout the day, refresh it as needed, and enjoy the positive energy it brings.


  • Creates a Magical Atmosphere: Transform your space into a magical haven with the combined energies of these carefully chosen ingredients.
  • Invites Blessings and Abundance: The spell is designed to attract blessings and abundance into your home, fostering a sense of prosperity and well-being.
  • Enhances Positive Energy: Each ingredient is selected for its positive and uplifting properties, promoting joy, love, and good fortune.
  • Easy-to-Use Kit: Our kit includes everything you need, along with simple instructions, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned practitioners.

This Holiday Blessings Simmer Pot is not only a feast for the senses but also a beautiful and thoughtful way to bring warmth and positive energy to your home during the holiday season.

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While these delightful aromatic pots enhance your home with captivating scents, it is crucial to exercise caution and avoid leaving them unattended.

Simmer pots typically involve the combination of water, herbs, fruits, and spices simmering on a stove or other heating source. Although they contribute to a cozy atmosphere and pleasant fragrance, failure to monitor them can lead to potential hazards.

The simmering process involves heat, and if left unattended, the water can evaporate, leaving the ingredients dry and susceptible to catching fire. Continuous heating without water replenishment may cause the pot to overheat, damaging the container and creating a fire risk.