Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite Fragment


Description: Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite Fragment. The Campo del Cielo meteorites are composed primarily of iron-nickel alloys, with traces of other elements such as cobalt, phosphorus, and carbon. They belong to the class of meteorites known as iron meteorites, which are primarily composed of metallic iron mixed with varying amounts of nickel. These meteorites are believed to have originated from the core of a differentiated asteroid or protoplanet that was shattered by a collision in the early Solar System.

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Source: Argentina

Size: 0.25 – 0.75 inches in length. Weighs 3 grams.

Metaphysical Uses: Campo del Cielo meteorites are believed to have a strong connection to cosmic energies and extraterrestrial origins. They are said to enhance one’s connection to the universe and promote a sense of cosmic consciousness. These meteorites are often thought to possess grounding properties, helping individuals stay connected to the Earth while exploring higher realms of consciousness. They may also provide energetic protection against negative influences or entities.

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Healing Overview: Campo del Cielo meteorites are associated with transformation and change. They are believed to assist individuals in letting go of old patterns, embracing new beginnings, and facilitating personal growth and evolution. Some individuals believe that these meteorites can enhance psychic abilities and intuition. They may be used during meditation or spiritual practices to deepen psychic awareness and facilitate spiritual insights. They are sometimes associated with the manifestation of desires and abundance. They are thought to amplify intentions and assist in attracting positive energies and opportunities into one’s life.

Birthstone & Zodiac Uses: Campo del Cielo meteorites are not traditional birthstones. They are not associated to any particular zodiac sign but can be used by all.

Uses in Meditation: Campo del Cielo meteorites can be used in meditation to enhance your practice and deepen your connection to cosmic energies. During your meditation, visualize yourself surrounded by the energy of the cosmos, the stars, and the vastness of space. Allow the energy of the Campo del Cielo meteorite to support your visualization, helping you expand your awareness and tap into universal wisdom.

For Chakra Balancing: The energy of Campo del Cielo meteorites is believed to resonate with the Root Chakra due to their grounding properties and their connection to the Earth. By working with a Campo del Cielo meteorite during meditation or energy healing practices, it is thought to help balance and activate the Root Chakra, facilitating a sense of stability, security, and a stronger connection to the Earth’s energy.

Crystal Color Energy: Silver is associated with reflection and introspection. It can aid in self-exploration, helping to delve into one’s emotions, thoughts, and subconscious mind.

Associated Goddesses: Campo del Cielo meteorites are sometimes associated with goddesses such as Gaia, Luna, Cerridwen, Artemis, and Pele, connecting them to the Earth, lunar and celestial energies, transformation, intuition, and the fiery forces of creation.

Uses in Divination: Prior to conducting divination, hold a Campo del Cielo meteorite during meditation to attune yourself to its cosmic energy. Invite insights and messages to flow through your intuitive channels, enhancing your divinatory abilities and allowing for a deeper connection to the information being received.