Rainbow Titanium Aura Druzy Agate Moon


Description: Rainbow Titanium Aura Druzy Agate Moon. The top half of the Agate moon has been heat infused while the bottom half is normal.

Titanium Quartz is natural quartz that has been heat infused with rare metals in a vacuum chamber. The pure metals bond richly and deeply with the quartz, resulting in coloring that can neither be scraped nor scratched off. The crystal provides a full spectrum of colors, generating rainbows that delight your mind as the colors shimmer and change as the crystals are moved in the light.

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Source: Brazil

Size: 3-4 inches in length. 1.5-2 inches in width. Weigh approximately 160 – 250 grams.

Primary Uses: Titanium Cobalt Blue Quartz is very energizing on all levels and can awaken all seven chakras, the energy centers of the body. It is said to increase zest and enjoyment of life and to dispel sadness. The rich hues of colors in this quartz are alive, dancing energy, ready to enliven your life and add sparkle and magic to your day.

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  •  Seeker Transformer SymbolTitanium Quartz is a Seeker Transformer Crystal.
    Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of ones life to a more desirable state.  Titanium Quartz will help you seek out adventure, enthusiasm, and joy in your life.Dark blue crystals such as Titanium Quartz help us act more charitably, and focus our efforts on service to others. They teach us grace, sensitivity to the needs of others, and tenderness in our dealings.
  • Titanium Quartz can be used to energize all the Chakras, but is particularly effective on as a healing stones for the Throat Chakra. The throat chakra is the voice of the body. It is a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakra to be expressed. If it is out of balance or blocked it can affect the health of the other chakras.When it is in balance we can express what we think and what we feel. We can communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions. When the throat chakra is in balance and open, we can bring our personal truth out into the world.

    When the throat chakra is in balance we have a easy flow of energy within the body and spirit. The energy that springs upward from the lower chakras can continue its path enabling free expression and natural release.

  • These titanium Quartz brings you Water Energy. Water energy is traditionally associated with the North area of a home or room. It is associated with the Career and Life Path area. Its flowing energy will assure a balance of energy as your life unfolds and flows. To keep your life moving forward towards your goals use the water elements energy. (In some modern feng shui approaches Blue is associated with Earth Energy, see Feng Shui explanation page.)
  • In The Book of Stones, Richard Simmons tells us that Titanium Quartz is the most powerful and energetic of all the enhanced quartz. He notes it is a delight to the eye and a great activator of the Rainbow Body. Hazel Raven notes in the same book that Titanium Quartz works by clearing the pathways for the vital life force to flow within the energetic body. She also notes it can be helpful in healing a damaged relationship.