Mercury Retrograde Spell Jar – Yin


Description:  Mercury Retrograde Protection Spell Jar – Yin

Having too many unpleasant experiences during past retrogrades, our Crystal Masters have examined, distilled, and summarized the greatest methods and practices to not only prevent the adversity of the Mercury Retrograde but to “turn it on its head” and actually make it a time of unusual good fortune. 

Using the distilled wisdom of many cultures you can walk among your less fortunate with what seems a cloak of invincibility.

So, to avoid all adversity, difficulties, consternations, accidents, misfortune, and even inconvenience caused by a Mercury Retrograde just use The Crystal Masters’ Five Keys of Mercury Retrograde Mitigation and a Yin energy or Yang energy 5 Keys Spell Jar.

This Jar is the Yin Energy Crystal Masters’ Five Keys of Mercury Retrograde Mitigation.  It consists of five specially selected crystals, one for each of the Keys, immersed in pure spring water.

The Yang Energy Crystal Masters’ Five Keys of Mercury Retrograde Mitigation Spell Jar is listed here.

Key one is to create good Karma each day… to help the Spell Jar contains Sodalite.

Key two is to donate, particularly yellow and gold items… You have Yellow Jasper

Key three is to use the four elements to honor the Universal Love. You have Emerald.

Key four is to consult the Oracle.  The Aquamarine will ensure your success.

Key five is to meditate.  You have beautiful Rose Quartz to facilitate your lessons.

Carry this jar spell with you.  It is very handy and easy to carry. Put it in your backpack or pocket or pocketbook, or even in your car.  Take it out often and hold it and absorb the energy to mitigate the unpleasant effect on life caused by the Mercury Retrograde.  You will be glad you did. 


Size: Bottle capacity: 20ml, 0.87″(diameter) x 3.15″(height)

Primary Uses: This jar spell is used to enhance your mitigation of the adverse effects of a Mercury Retrograde period.


December 28, 2022 to January 18, 2023

April 21 to May 14

August 23 to September 14

December 13, 2023 to January 1, 2024

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Carry this during the Mercury Retrograde and don’t forget to also follow the five Keys to mitigating the effects of the Retrograde.