Septarian Free Form (Medium)

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Description:  Septarian Free Form Display Piece. Septarian is a mixture of Aragonite, Calcite and Limestone. The name Septarian comes from the Latin word “septem”, meaning seven, because it seems to form in patterns of seven. The yellow colored material is Calcite, the brown is Aragonite, and the outer grey is limestone. The energy is pure Earth brown. This flame has a flat bottom therefore it makes a gorgeous display piece or a wonderful meditation crystal. You will receive the typical item shown. Sold individually.

Source: Madagascar

Size: Approximate Size 2 1/2 – 3 Inch. Approximate Weight 244 Grams.

Primary Uses: Septarian is a healing stone that is excellent for removing stress and anxiety. It is a calming meditation crystal, and it brings solid Wood Energy into a room or life.

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  •  Dispeller Builder SymbolSeptarian is a Dispeller Builder crystal. Dispellers are crystals that form in the orthorhombic crystal system. They are very helpful talismans for mental and spiritual problems. All of us have problems. Some are physical, some spiritual. Certainly our lives would be more enjoyable and more productive if we could rid ourselves of them. Worry, anxiety, fear, and doubt can literally cripple us and make our lives miserable.When crystals are carbonates, they have the earth energy of Builders. These crystals, like Septarian, are excellent in applications in which something new needs to be made from something old. Woodworkers, stone workers, artists, painters, and others involved in the creative arts benefit from this type of crystalsWe have found in use that Septarian has mostly the energy of the Earth brown ray. .

    Brown is a very comfortable color to humans. It is the color of home, hearth, and nature. It makes us feel good.

    Brown is the color of the surface of the earth. It is the color of grounding and connection.

    It is the relaxation color, the color of being once again “on the ground” and at rest.

    It is a retreat color; a restful color. It is the most common color on Earth. Most animals and plants are brown in some parts.

  • This Septarian has Wood Energy. Wood energy is traditionally associated with the East and Southeast areas of a home or room. It is associated with the Family and Health area and the Prosperity and Abundance area.Wood energy is vital to your well being It is associated with family, ancestors, and community. Use this stone in the East area of a room or home if you want to keep Qui, the Universal Life Force flowing properly there.Septarian will enhance energy flow aiding your efforts that are devoted to enhancing family and community.
  • Septarian is used in mediations to enhance insight and assist in communications with Higher sources of information and intelligence. It sensitizes a person to their spiritual capabilities. It enhances inner vision and allows for smooth communications with the Spirit world. It is also used to calm anger and stress before a formal meditation effort.
  • Septarian, in our practice seems to have primarily the energy of Aragonite. Robert Simmons reports in the Book of Stones, that Aragonite is excellent for improving your intuition, and psychic abilities. He notes it is an excellent stabilizing influence. Naisha Ahsian tells us is used in supporting the practice of breath work for emotional healing. Melody in Love Is In The Earth notes that Aragonite is excellent for improving your patience and for maintaining a state of calm during periods of increased responsibility and stress.