Throat Chakra Crystal Kit


Description: This is our Throat Chakra Crystal Kit. If you need to clear or balance your Throat chakra, crystals are the best way to do it! This crystal kit includes five stones that are selected, tuned, and aligned to help balance the Throat chakra. Each crystal has been hand-select by a Certified Crystal Master and verified to be authentic by a GIA Graduate Gemologist.

All crystal kits ship with a FREE black velvet drawstring bag for easy carrying and organization.

The Throat chakra is the voice of the body. It is a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakra to be expressed. If it is out of balance or blocked it can affect the health of the other chakras. The five crystals in the Throat Chakra Crystal Kit include:

• Lapis Lazuli
• Aquamarine
• Amazonite
• Blue Lace Agate
• Quartz

The stones in the photo are typical of what you will receive.

Size: Set of five stones. The size of the stone varies between 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

Primary Uses: The Throat chakra is the chakra of communication. Not only that, but it acts as a path to allow other chakras to be expressed. Therefore when your throat chakra is blocked or out of balance, it can affect the health of all other chakras. When it is out of balance you might find yourself habitually lying, feeling fear and doubt about the intentions of others, or find yourself stammering or at a loss for words. You can even experience physical symptoms such as a sore throat, tight jaw, stiff neck, and headaches. However, when in balance the Throat chakra aids us to express what we think and what we feel. Use this set of stones on layouts where you need to bring balance to the Throat Chakra. For more suggested uses of this kit, read more below.Visit our downloads page to save/print the crystal identification card that goes with this crystal kit.

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More Information About Throat Chakra Crystals

Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of truth in all aspects. It reveals the inner truth and promotes self-awareness and the acceptance of that knowledge. It relieves things that may have been suppressed and allows for them to come to the surface, helping to diminish dis-ease or repressed anger, and allows for self-expression without holding back or compromising.

Aquamarine. Aquamarine helps balance excessive anger or fear and clears past emotional, physical, or verbal abuse. Aquamarine is useful for moving through transition and change, its cleansing energy removing resistance and helping one overcome the fear of the unknown. It helps not only in releasing emotional baggage but also in clearing out physical items and clutter. Aquamarine utilizes compromise and negotiation and gives quiet courage and clear, reasoned words in confrontational situations.

Amazonite. Called the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, Amazonite empowers one to search the self, discover one’s own truths and integrity, and move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others to live in alignment with those beliefs and values. It provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings and to set strong and clear boundaries, both internally as self-discipline and externally on what one is willing to experience or in defining personal space. 

Blue Lace Agate. Blue Lace Agate is a stone of communication, helping those who have difficulty being heard by others or who need confidence and articulation to share their truths. It provides clarity of thought and unwavering intent in regard to what matters most. Blue Lace Agate is a Stone of the Diplomat, assisting communication in situations where angry words must be avoided, but clear understanding is necessary.

Quartz. Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Resonating at the level of an individual’s needs, Clear Quartz also amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it and continues to broadcast that energy throughout the world and into the etheric realms. This may accelerate the fulfillment of one’s prayers, intensify healing or spiritual growth, or allow the crystal to hold a pattern of energy long enough and strong enough to manifest a goal.

Symptoms of an Out-of-Balance Throat Chakra

  • Sore throat or tightness in the jaw
  • Stiffness in the neck and/or headaches
  • Fear of speaking
  • Feeling isolated or misunderstood
  • Inability to express needs or opinions
  • Habitually lying

Using the Throat Chakra Crystal Kit

If you have any of the symptoms above or feel your Throat chakra may be out of balance, using the Throat Chakra Crystal Kit can help. Simply holding the crystals in your hand will provide relief. However, for more extensive blockages or problems, meditation with these crystals is recommended. Follow the steps below for near-instant relief.

  1. Lay down in a comfortable place.
  2. Place the Lapis Lazuli over your throat.
  3. Place the Clear Quartz in the center of your chest.
  4. Place the Blue Lace Agate on your forehead.
  5. Hold the Amazonite in your left hand and the Aquamarine in your right hand.
  6. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  7. Imagine waves of a blue color coming from your throat and washing over the rest of your body.
  8. You will feel calm and at ease. More understanding and energy will flow through. You will feel like you have things to say and communication will open up. You will feel as if you can finally express yourself and your desires.
  9. When ready, place the crystals back in their bag or chosen location until you need to use them again.