Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Kit


Description: Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Kit. These crystals are the set of “lucky stones” for your sign. They are attuned to your birth month. You will find that you just feel better with “your crystals” nearby.

All crystals have been hand-selected by Certified Crystal Masters and verified for authenticity by a GIA Graduate Gemologist. All crystal kits ship with a FREE black velvet drawstring bag for easy carrying and organization.

If you were born between January 20th – February 18th, you are an Aquarius! The Aquarius Crystal Kit includes six stones that are connected to your sign:

• Amethyst
• Aquamarine
• Angelite
• Silver Topaz
• Ruby in Zoisite
• Quartz

Size: Set of six stones. The size of the stone varies between 1/4 inch to 1  inch.

Primary Uses: The mid-winter season is the time that represents the Zodiac sign Aquarius. In ancient times, the image we created to depict this sign was the Water Bearer, also known as the “Water Carrier” in Latin. Aquarians are independent leaders that will never follow in a crowd. They are overly friendly and sociable but have difficulty making friends. However, once they think a person is worthy of their love and friendship, they will do anything for them. Watch how you treat Aquarians because they do not forgive easily. The traditional stone for those born under the Zodiac sign Aquarius is Garnet. Another stone for those born under the Zodiac sign Aquarius is Amethyst.Visit our downloads page to save/print the crystal identification card that goes with this crystal kit.

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More Information About Crystals for Aquarius

Aquamarine. The Aquamarine is an ancient talisman used by the Romans to purify water.  Aquamarine is traditionally a calming stone, and it is associated with the Throat Chakra. Wear it to keep your throat healthy and your breathing calm and assured in times of stress.

Amethyst. Amethyst is especially supportive of the emotional body, bringing those overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to the center. It eases the mental anxieties that lead to physical tension and headaches and is a great crystal to calm those who are hot-headed and easily angered. Called the “All-healer,” Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for healing people, plants, and animals.

Ruby in Zoisite.

Angelite. The stone of quiet strength and acceptance. Quite likely to be the strongest “gentle energy” stone in existence. It is a stone of angelic calming energy, excellent for purifying the emotional body.

Silver Topaz. Silver Topaz embodies the energy of the spirit and opens one’s senses to the essence of the Self. It brings an awareness of one’s thoughts and deeds and the karmic effect these have, as well as a cosmic awareness and understanding of the “big “picture” and how one fits into it all.

Quartz. Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Resonating at the level of an individual’s needs, Clear Quartz also amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it and continues to broadcast that energy throughout the world and into the etheric realms. This may accelerate the fulfillment of one’s prayers, intensify healing or spiritual growth, or simply allow the crystal to hold a pattern of energy long enough and strongly enough for the manifestation of a goal to occur.